7 enticing cookbooks that will elevate your Diwali party

When the sky is lit up with the vivid colors of Diwali and houses are filled with happy celebrations, the food that is served on our tables is definitely the center of the celebration. Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a time to celebrate Indian cuisine’s rich tapestry of flavors as well as history and spirituality. This year, at your Diwali celebration, we’ve put together a list of seven irresistible cookbooks that will take your festive feast to whole new levels.

Explore these cookbooks to go on a culinary journey and find recipes that combine creativity with tradition to create a symphony of flavors that will leave your guests hankering for more. These books are suitable for cooks of all experience levels and offer detailed instructions and advice to guarantee that your food is nothing short of extraordinary.

This compilation of cookbooks captures the diversity of Indian food, highlighting the regional variances and culinary nuances that make Diwali festivities genuinely unique. From sweets that melt in your mouth to savory treats that excite your taste senses. These recipes are your reliable allies on the path to preparing a Diwali feast that will be remembered for years to come, whether your goal is to resurrect childhood favorites or try out bold, new flavors.

That being said, be ready for a culinary journey as we present “Feast of Lights: 7 Enticing Cookbooks to Elevate Your Diwali Celebration.” Allow the tantalizing sizzle of foods and the aroma of spices to lead you in crafting a Diwali party that is both tasty and unforgettable.

UTSAV: A Culinary Epic of Indian Festivals by Vikas Khanna

India is a land of festivals. Every day is a celebration of life, victory, light, and love, in a country rich with history and tradition. UTSAV is a monumental photographic work of over a thousand pages, featuring delicious recipes throughout, and honoring a country that has embraced everyone, from those who came to conquer her to the ones who needed shelter.

In the chef’s own words, UTSAV is the tribute of a son to his motherland: “I celebrate her every day as a festival. The festival may belong to any religion, belief . . . but for me it only belongs to you, Mother India.”

Kunal Kapur In The Kitchen -Family Meals by Kuanl Kapur

Kunal Kapur in the kitchen offers mouth-watering recipes replete with memories of dining table conversations from his childhood and layered with the aromas from his grandfather kitchen. This book features dishes like Ham & cheese bread pakora, caramelised onion parantha, Blueberry & Mint lassi, mishti doi with Sesame Crisps among others, but with a fresh, new spin. To make the experience enjoyable and fuss-free for food lovers, Kunal has handpicked 15 Complete meals comprising salads, poultry, fish, seafood, assorted lentils, beverages, desserts and more, that are explained in simple Steps, and accompanied with stunning images. Inspired by the nostalgia of growing up in a Punjabi household, Kunal Kapur in the kitchen celebrates the joy of dining with loved ones.

Chaat by Sanjeev Kapoor

With this latest book Chaat, Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor brings alive the hidden flavours in everyday ingredients which when blended together result in incredible snacks, not only dripping with spicy and sweet chutneys, but also that mouth – watering smell of roasted cumin and Black salt!

Along with traditional chaats in delightful representation of the vibrant cultures of India, Chef Kapoor demonstrates his talent for innovation with American Shev Puri, Chinese Bhel, Farali Chaat, Mexican Chaat, Baby Uttappa with Aloo Bhaji and Katori Chaat to name a few.

Tasty, chatpati, chaat is what is what this book is all about! All the pleasures of eating out on the roadside have been captured in the crunch and bite of crispy puris, spicy fillings, sweet curd and teekhi chutneys!

With this book in your possession, you can create a Chaatwali Gali in your very own home!

A Traditional Twist by Ranveer Brar

A traditional twist offers a vast range of recipe ideas, diverse not just in terms of cuisine and course, but palate too. I use the word ‘ideas’ because I believe a recipe acts as a mere guide. This book is about providing alternative ways to cook conventional food. I have tried to put together my experiences, travels and explorations to create some unusual combinations which promise to be exceptionally tasteful. This book is dedicated to the cook in us who is always looking for new ways to recreate conventional cooking while keeping the taste and authenticity intact.

 Little Book of Cookies by Pooja Dhingra

Filled with delicious recipes and a sense of adventure, Chef Pooja Dhingra’s ‘Little Book of Cookies’ is a celebration of the infectious and happy spirit of kids. Consisting of 24 easy, eggless, step-by-step recipes, this book encompasses everything from the quintessential chocolate chip cookie, to Jam Thumbprint cookies to No-bake cookies ~ something for all kids! Written for the Indian kitchen, and for budding young chefs, all 24 cookie recipes are easy to make and packed with old and new flavours! Gingerbread Cookies Stuffed Cookies

The Secret’s in the Spice Mix by Pankaj Bhadouria 

People across the length and breadth of the country have their own special blends that they use to add flavour to food. The right combination of spices is crucial to Indian cooking and is the reason why some dishes are so hard to resist. But why buy spice mixes when you can make them yourself!
From traditional blends like veri-the tikki masala from Kashmir-and East Indian bottle masala-the specialty from Mumbai-to more commercial mixes like garam masala, kadhai masala and sambhar powder, India’s first MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria identifies fifty spice mixes from India and around the world in this one-of-a-kind book, putting the secret to great flavours within any cook’s reach.

Vegetarian Finger foods by Sanjeev Kapoor

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