Being happy is everyone’s desire and aim behind all their actions. In today’s busy life and run for a comfortable lifestyle, everyone does everything to be happy but somewhere that universal dream goes down the drain and people become victims of various psychological problems. In the light of this, Rajat Khatri writes the book, “10 Keys to Attain Happiness”. On the surface, the title may suggest a simple overview of the ways to be happy but there is a lot more to it and the readers understand this only when they sit through the book and read it.

Khatri defines happiness in the following words,

“Our happiness depends upon just one thing, our prospective towards the problems.”

The author begins his book by sharing about the circumstances that led to his writing the book. He shares his personal experiences which impacted his life and personality and most importantly, which led to his unhappiness and thereafter, his pursuit to be happy. He describes those episodes of his life as “The 4 Dark Phases”. He defines the purpose of writing the book,

“Through this book, I want people to understand that being cheerful is a choice…”

Clearly, he suggests that happiness is a choice for every person and it is all about the attitude towards the situation that is the difference-maker. In a very pragmatic manner with a scientific approach, the author talks about the different definitions of happiness as given by the people. This is interesting to read as although the reader may have observed this at some point of time or not, but the author’s observation is much more minute and psychologically relevant. Khatri does not choose to jump into describing or lecturing on the keys to happiness, rather he takes up things with a proper basic explanation and builds up on that.

The author uses different psychological approaches to keep the readers involved by using the technique of keeping exercises at different intervals. The readers are bound to enjoy and also learn many things about themselves and also about being happy in this manner. He leaves spaces in the book so that the readers can fill up the answers and the book more becomes like a workbook.

Coincidentally, the book attains relevance owing to the present time where most people are unhappy or depressed due to a variety of reasons and this kind of makes the book a recommended read for all. If there ever is a time in the future which is the same as present, this book will prove to be a lifesaver even then. It is bound to become in an instant popular among the lovers of self-help books or motivational literature.

Khatri keeps the language simple and explains things with the help of examples, practical experiences, stories and also quotes from a variety of authors and thinkers. This also highlights how well read and knowledgeable the author is. He also mentions the common mistakes people do in their day to day life which leads to their lack of happiness. The techniques that the author talks about are the ones that can be easily applied in life without much thought and effort. The reader is likely to feel the effects much better in the long run by following them continuously.

“10 Keys to Attain Happiness” is not a book that can be restricted to any particular group of people or any one age. The content of the book is universal and so are the 10 keys. This universal relevance opens the book to read to all those who are unhappy and want to be happy and also those who are happy and want to be happier. Also, the fact can not be ignored that human happiness is a universal subject which will be the concern of every generation. Hence, “10 Keys to Attain Happiness” is bound to stand the test of time and remain popular for many generations.

Title: 10 Keys To Attain Happiness
Author: Rajat Khatri
Published By: Evincepub Publishing
Reviewed By: Akhila at Criticspace
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