My Thoughts:
Poetry is one of the strongest art forms used to perfectly portray a person’s inner feelings. The muse can be anyone or anything, but the words take a magical turn once moulded by a poet. It is no wonder that a poem of 2 lines can also explain a lifetime journey. Personally, I like free-style poetry that doesn’t follow any specific literary conventions. This kind of poetry gives the author the liberty to explain almost every feeling that exists.
In this book, Author Shivani Garg Parti has eloquently taken the liberty to demonstrate her feelings in the most simple yet elegant manner. I will quote below my favourite poems from the book that attracted me for their contents.


Spellbound – In this poem, Author Shivani has expressed her happiness and love towards nature and its beauty. A person who understands nature’s beauty will instantly visualise serene and lustre green lands and valleys with an ocean.
It is unbelievable that the poem has words less than 100 in number. This poem also has the liberty to be perceived in many ways.

The Union – This poem is dedicated to the flowers that ooze with nectar and the bees that suck the nectar. Here, the fully blossomed flower is the muse and the speaker. It warmly welcomes its master, the bee, to come and suck the nectar. This poem can also be inferred with a union of male and female energies.
The other poems in the book are very well written, and I recommend this book for simple poetry lovers.


What to expect from the book?
– Expect a collection of poems written in simple language but depicts warming feelings.
– Expect a book of poems in free-style verse which get into a reader’s mind instantly.
– Expect a colourful set of poems that vary from friends to family, nature to instincts and true to reality.

Who can read?
This book by Shivani Garg Parti, a collection of forty-two poems, as said above that vary in the muse and written in the universally accepted manner, can be read by a reader of any age. As said in the book’s preface, the verses in every poem are so delicate and beautifully written. Thus, the readers who want to try to read heartwarming and feel-good poetry can go for this book.


About the author and author’s writing style
Author Shivani Garg Parti, a Ludhianvi woman and a Post Graduate Degree holder in Commerce and a degree holder in English Literature, is a self-discovered poet. Her appreciation of the almighty’s creation of this beautiful world inspired her to express her happiness and gratitude in poetic format. Apart from the academic feathers in her hat, she also included a new feather – as her literary works are included in the ‘ International Anthology of English Poems ‘, titled ‘ Musings’.
Her poems reflect her soul and appreciation of nature, and it’s beauty. Author Shivani Garg Parti has penned the poems in this book with easy language and thoughtful emotions in an enchanting manner.


How entertaining is the book?
The book is definitely entertaining as the poems are:
written in a simple language
follow a free-verse style
reflect tiny nuances in emotions beautifully|
talk about the strong feelings of a female
attractive with little illustrations

Final Verdict:
Simple and beautiful poems!




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