Name: Bharath Kumar Kunjibettu

Birth Place: Bangalore, India

Interests: Travelling to places close to Nature, Travelling to less crowded ancient temples, Listening to Music, Practicing Yoga and Meditation and Exploring more on Data Science.

Hobbies: Playing the Keyboard, Playing Badminton, Practising the guitar and Writing Poetry on life experiences.

Biographical Info:

Bharath Kumar Kunjibettu (shortly known Bharath.K.K) an alumnus from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (BITS Pilani). He is currently working as an IT Professional.During his recent Himalayan Sojourn, he offered his reverences to the sacred shrines in Uttarakhand. After the Sojourn, poetry became his expression to describe the astoundingly beautiful Himalayan and Uttarakhand landscape

The only poem that inspired him back in school days was “Lines Written In Early Spring” by William Wordsworth. Apart from that, the poems he knew were hidden in songs of both Indian and Western genre and also present in Sanskrit Shlokas. Shlokas from Adi Shankaracharya was his greatest influences.

Achievement So far:

Bharath: Had a successful career in the Data science domain of  IT space for nearly a decade. Managed to complete my Master’s degree from a reputed institute like BITS Pilani. I have managed to write close to 100 poems on various life experiences in a period of 5 to 6 months.

Favourite Topics of Writing: 

Bharath: I can write about any topic which falls in the environmental, spiritual, educational, technical and inspirational realms.

What describes you the best?


  1. Motivational Author
  2. Content Writer
  3. Logically Creative Poet

Tell us about your writing career:

 Bharath: Writing had always been a dream for me but never an action plan. It was after the Himalayan Sojourn there was a sudden surge in the desire to write poems about the whole journey. After that, poetry was coming out effortlessly which eventually helped me composed my first book. I realized that poetry is a very beautiful opportunity to express verbose sentences in a few words and lines and also offers more flexibility from the grammatical standpoint.

Tell us something about your book.

 Bharath: This book is titled Some Earth Poetry. These simple yet interesting collections of poems are meant to give a new outlook to poetry per se. This book touches upon Spiritual, Educational, Inspirational, Professional and Environmental aspects of life. It also contains interesting poetry on Kashmir, Climate Change, Kedarnath etc. I am confident that even people who don’t read poetry will also like this book.

What encourages you to become an Author?

Bharath: I slowly realized that writing poetry was a unique talent I possessed. So writing poetry had become a passion. In my opinion, if writing is one’s passion, becoming an author is a natural consequence.

What is your current goal in writing career?

Bharath: For the time being, I am my own fan and my own critic. I like to evaluate the content I write from the standpoint of a fan and from the standpoint of a critic.

The titles seems different and catchy, how you decided it?

Bharath: I realized no matter how much we explore this planet Earth, we will only know some aspects of it. Hence I decided on the title as “Some Earth Poetry”. This is the most generic title that I could come up for my book for the diverse aspects of life I covered upon in the book.

Are you writing other books as well? let us know about the

Bharath: I am just writing more poetry on random topics, but I am yet to plan my next book.

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