Knowledge has always served as a guide to power and success. As time has changed, the ones who are updated in advance emerge winners in the competition to get ahead of others. Hence there is the demand of better education and books to meet the quality standards. In light of this, children’s books written today have changed in terms of not just the matter of content but also the subjects they talk about and the manner in which things are written in them. Dr. Smitha Chandrashekerappa attempts to take children’s writing to the next level in her “In Search Of a New Home In Space.”

In the present day, children’s literature is being written less while the technological boom and the era of gadgets demands not just an update in literature but also content that is a step ahead for the coming generation. Dr. Chandrasherappa’s work serves the purpose in this regard. The short book takes the readers on a journey where they have an alien to show them what the world is like beyond earth. His going to different planets is one part of the story, but the manner in which the author uses this raw material to make children understand the basics of solar system is noteworthy. Generally, children learn these things when they start going to a formal school, but “In Search Of a New Home In Space,” gives them the opportunity to learn new things at home in the early stages itself. Parents who want to keep the curious minds of children engaged and indulged in learning something useful can rely on this book without any second thought. They can be initiated in the world of space and also given knowledge about how vital earth is as a planet and how life is possible on it.

The author has very intelligently used different sizes of fonts from small to capital size. This caters to the importance of their ability to see big things first and not forget them in the long run. “In Search Of a New Home In Space” has a short story, basic facts of science, lots of pictures, a plot that can enhance the element of the imagination of young minds and also help them in learning facts before many of their age. In short, the book is a package of a variety of things it has to offer. The content of the book is such that it can be read by children again and again as they grow up. As they start going to school, they can come back and refer to the facts mentioned in the book before they start learning about the solar system in detail.

The language used by the author is also elementary and easy to understand for children. They will immediately get interested, and at the same time, adults can also have a good experience in revisiting their childhood learning and teaching their children. In this time of the Covid-19 outbreak, when children are not going to school and confined to their homes, books like “In Search Of a New Home In Space” become influential and instrumental and developing the minds of children and updating them with the knowledge they will need in future. Their loss of education can be avoided, and also their curious nature would get a flavor of space and the family of the solar system. At the same time, reading “In Search Of a New Home In Space” would ensure the development of their interest in reading, which would be a help to the parents who are interested in encouraging children into reading and becoming avid readers with time.

Author Name: Dr. Smitha Chandrashekarappa
Book Tittle: In Search of a New Home In Space
Publisher: Evincepub Publisher



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