About The Book: This book is composed of several English poems on different topics which allow my heartiest readers to feel the fragrance of poetry. The book composed poems about pain, life, love etc. It has been written to enlighten the feelings of readers.

Review: Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful….that is what came to my mind while I was reading this collection of poems in – Let the feelings become known by Anshuman Raj.

This collection of poems by Anshuman focuses on various concepts of life and thoughts on varied emotions. It is a miscellaneous collection but I guess, love is a major thought in this book. 

The poems in this book carry carefully chosen words arranged in perfection… these poems will strike you, making their way into your heart and soul. As a poetry lover, reading it was an experience that was more than I could ask for, it gave my way feelings, fed my thoughts and ponderings and engaged me in a pleasant reading time. It is quite interesting to see how in depth context is conveyed through a set of lines, the poems leads you into thoughts, there is a great deal to read in between the lines. Few of the poems will be very relatable and touching.

I would love to go back to this and few of the poems to read them again like a recital. Poems – Loneliness, A Nightmare, The Cold Water, Want to be a writer ever are my personal favourites.

I appreciate the poet for creating such a brilliant work of art. The cover design is worthy of praise too, it is an elegant cover good enough create that interesting impression. 

This book, I think, is strong enough to become an inspiration as well as an aspiration for all budding poets.

About The Author: Anshuman Raj is from Bihar, he is in 12th std. currently studying in Delhi Public School, Saharsa. He loves to read literature. He mostly likes to read poems and short stories. He mostly prefers to write at night as it provides him a peaceful environment. “Let The Feelings Become Known” is the book of English poems. The poems are on different topics which affect him to the deep. He has written his book for readers to feel the fragrance of poetry. His poems are on nature, love, pain, life etc. This book is the house of the feelings of an innocent heart. His book also gives a message to the youths that if they have dedication to do anything, the age doesn’t matter. He also write on YourQuote.in. Literature is his first and last choice.


Author Name:  Anshuman Raj
Book Title:  Let The Feelings Become Known
Publisher:  Educreation Publishing 30 Nov 2019

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  1. I’m in beatific contentment reading your reviews Anshuman. You are doing pronounced job brother and I’m very much looking forward for your raised apogee in career and life.
    Besides, thanx to the website as well for taking the interview of my brother and letting people know about him.

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