Birth Place: Hyderabad (INDIA)

Criticspace: Please let us know about your personal background.

Author: I hold couple of professional degrees and I hail from normal Indian middle-class background I would like to utilize my analytical potentiality and verbal proficiency to establish myself as an eminent economical author.

Criticspace: What encourages you to become an Author?

Author: To be honest from the bottom of my heart, I really anticipate to tell stories to people I would consider becoming author is a tremendous achievement in my life Reading is my hobby writing is my passion.

Criticspace: Tell us something about your published book. How you started writing and the inspiration behind it?

Author:  Death Peculators is my first short novel which is released in market nearly twenty days back… Death Peculators majorly focuses on horrific and frightening incidents occurring in a wealthy entrepreneur personal life. I am deeply desiring to become a professional author, since from my childhood I was immensely involved in writing short stories & novels I motivate myself from every novel which I read frequently.

Criticspace: What is your current goal in writing career?

Author: Well I enormously aspire to be recognised as a good fictional writer.

Criticspace: Please let us know about your achievements so far.

Author: My latest achievement in this field is my short story (Death peculators).

Criticspace: What you love to write the most. What is your favourite genre in writing and reading?

Author: Probably horror content and I am trying my level best to release my next book which consists of humour related elements…. I prefer to read autobiographies of sporting personalities which fascinates me a lot.   

Criticspace: Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same.

Author: Yes, in next couple of months I will publish my next novel… which mainly centralize on supernatural related aspects.

Criticspace: Many authors and readers will come across this article. What is your message to those readers and authors?

Author: To be frank I haven’t achieved any heights to give advice or messages to others… but I firmly believe authors brings glow to the society with their ink work.

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