“I am a Supply Chain Professional with a blend of writing poems since my childhood. My first Poem on my Grandpa was published in Indian Express in the year 1986, After that the writing never stopped. There was a deep desire in me to publish a book and now it has been transformed to reality.” 

Criticspace: Congratulations Author on your wonderful book “Rhythm of Spiritual Beats”. Please share what response you are getting on your maiden work from the readers?

Srinivasan: I am getting a good response from the readers. Some of them have mentioned that its Spiritual by design which one can resonate with simple touching words and found to be thought provoking. This book is a perfect read for anyone and everyone who wishes for wisdom through a voyage in broken words. 

Criticspace: When did it dawn upon you that you wanted to be a writer? Do you have a set schedule for writing, or are you one of those who write only when they feel inspired?

Srinivasan: I never thought of being a writer until the past few months after publishing of this book, the journey has been initiated. I am sure that my meaningful poem will convey the message to the masses slowly and steadily. I have a habit of keeping a pen and book beside me in the night and whenever any ideas come I scribble it down and later structure the same. 

Criticspace: The poems in your book are motivating. What inspired you to write this book?

Srinivasan: I always believe that as a human we are very creative and can do wonders. There are ups and downs in everybody’s life. How positively you take and adapt to the changes matters. I was always been inspired to do something different in life and that is what has lead me to publishing this beautiful book. 

Criticspace: In the book “Rhythm of Spiritual Beats” you have added illustrations with every poem, how did you think of it?

Srinivasan: Rhythm of Spiritual Beats (ROSB) is both illustrations and Textual as people prefer to blend the illustration and text, overall the book becomes more vibrant and interesting. 

Criticspace: Who is your favourite author and why? Also, tell us about your favourite books.

Srinivasan: I have always been a poetry lover, William Wordsworth, John Keats have inspired me. Mahatma Gandhiji’s-The Story of my Experiments with Truth has been my favourite book. 

Criticspace: What other genre you are interested in reading and writing? Readers might ask so.

Srinivasan: I am interested in reading the quotes of Rumi, Ramana Maharashi, Swami Vivekananda. Anything relating to Spirituality… I am an ardent reader. 

Criticspace: If you could ask one successful author three questions about their writing, writing process, or books, what would they be?

Srinivasan:– How did they manage to increase their volume of sale – Reaching a wider audience?
– What are the ingredients they applied for the composition of book?
– How did they approach the media?

Criticspace: What do you hope your readers take away from this book?

Srinivasan: The takeaway is there is a blend of spirituality in these poems and overall it will have a positive effect in the readers mind in every single poem he/ she reads. 

Criticspace: What were the key challenges you faced when writing this book?

Srinivasan: There were delays in publishing the book due to proof reading, illustrations etc for which plenty of follow up was made. Finally everything went on well. 

Criticspace: What was your favourite part, and your least favourite part, of the publishing journey?

Srinivasan:The favourite part was I have got acquainted to many people in the social media. My family and friends have appreciated my writing. I can’t think of any least favourite part except for the sales which has been very slow.

Criticspace: Any advice you would like to give to aspiring writers?

Srinivasan: Never think that you are weak in writing skills. Always trust yourself and write something whenever you feel like doing. You might me grammatically incorrect for which rectification can be done. Your emotion needs to flow down in the piece of paper and it is very valuable. Each moment of your time spent in writing should be enjoyed 100%. 

Criticspace: What else you are working on? Please share with the readers. Thanks for your time and the answers to my questions! Wish you all the very best for your upcoming books.

Srinivasan: I am planning to write another book soon which is targeted for the younger generation. This will be a guide for them as they step out to the open world facing the challenges. Thanks for the interview. 

Thanks a lot for the answers, Srinivasan. It was a pleasure talking with you. Wish you great success and future!

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