Interests: Writing motivational things that can help the youth of our country, listening music, poetry etc.
Birth Place: Khalwa, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh
Hobbies: Poetry, Story Writing, Cricket etc.

Biographical Info: Me, Abhishek, born in typical middle class family. My father is a teacher and Mother is house Maker. I was a medico aspirant. I went Kota for preparation, lived there for 3 years but failed in achieving my dream medical college. Some tragic situation makes me hopeless. Then I drop my dream to make my future in Medical. I met Abhijeet in Kota. We both didn’t get seat in Medical college. Abhijeet went to his home in Bihar. We both becomes depressed at time but destiny plans something for us. We made connection on phone call via 4G revolution, then we decide on Phone call to write a Novel & we completed it. This turning point gives birth to the hidden talent inside me and Now I got admission in media college and the hidden talent i.e. Writing skills becomes my passion. 

Criticspace: Achievement So far?

Abhishek: I wrote two novels first one is 3 Sided Love & second one is Ishq@infinity with my friend Abhijeet. They both are published which gives me a respected life. Newspapers, Radio cover my story which gives me fame. We conducted more than 5 motivation talk shows, a grand book launching event in City mall Kota. My Latest novel was launched by Mrs. Annuradha Prasad C.MD BAG NETWORK24 in Noida.

Criticspace: Favorite Topics of Writing?

Abhishek: Romantic Thriller, Hindi poetry, Political Articles, Social Issues.

Criticspace: What describes you the best?

Abhishek: 1. Motivational Author, 2.Romance Author

Criticspace: Tell us about your writing career: 80-100 words minimum?

Abhishek: Written two novel named Three sided love & Ishq@Infinity with my friend Abhijeet & working on many project of writing for the future novel.

Criticspace: Tell us about your book, “Ishq @ Infinity”?

Abhishek: It is a romantic thriller in which we highlighted the human traffacking, young boy who has no respect about true love. He cames to the right track and knows what true love is?

Criticspace: What encouraged you to become an Author?

Abhishek: I was a medico aspirant. I was gone Kota for prepration lived their for 3 years but failed in achieving my dream medical college. Some tradgic situation makes me hopeless, my 4 classmates attempts suicide. That year more than 70 students attempts suicides in Kota. I want to became an inspiration for Kota Students that medical and IIT are not the last for them there are many ways to makes their future and there are many options which they opt to live a respectful life.

Criticspace: What is your current goal in writing career?

Abhishek: To entertain the peoples and increase the reading habits in youth. I wrote that type of content which suitable for a director to make a movie on it.

Criticspace: The title seems different and catchy, how you decided it?

Abhishek: After a long discussion, we got that tittle which truely justice with our storyboard and it sounds good. 

Thank you very much, Abhishek, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview.

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