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Name: Swarnlata Patel
Birth Place: Rewa, Madhya Pradesh
Interests: Social service and service to the Nation.
Hobbies: Literatures, Poetry , Article writing

Biographical Info (About the Author): Atleast in 100-120 words:

Author Swarnlata Patel is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. Moreover a social worker, poet and Litterateur by passion. She’s fond of hindi and urdu literature. Glimpse of her quotes and poems is

available on Facebook and Instagram page named ‘ज़ाहिर मेरी ज़ुबाां‘.

Influenced by various events of life, she penned down about inspirational personalities and thoughts that lead to create zeal among humanity. Bridging among practical life situations and literature is her speciality.
Through poems, shayaris, and folk songs, she tries to attract the attention of mankind towards the true value of life and real meaning of love and devotion.
Thoughts of her are always enlightening individuals and directing them towards leading a life full of compassion and love.

Achievement So far: 50-100 words:

As far as achievement in writing career is considered, apart from this book ‘वो शाम’, I had authored a book named ‘Relationship Maintenance’. I write on your quote too and am being followed by 500+ members. Apart from writing, I have presented my creations at various platforms and have been awarded there. I am also a content writer for my college magazine.
Favourite Topics of Writing: Enlightening youth, Empowerment of women, Equality for all, Nation building, Character Building of youth, Spreading true sense of love and devotion.

Which of the following describes You the best:
1. Graphical Author
2. Mystery Writer
3. Motivational Author √
4. Romance Author
5. Content Writer
6. Academic Author

{Motivational Author}

Tell us about your writing career: 80-100 words minimum:

 I started writing poetry and folk songs very early. This all was because of culture of my family from where I was motivated to do so. I used to express my views mostly through poetry and shayaris in school time too, and that’s how I was encouraged to enhance my skills in writing. After reading Wings of fire, I was enlightened and from there I thought to empower youth through my thoughts.
From there, journey of mine as a writer began for the service of society through my thoughts.
Tell us something about your book.
This book named ‘ वो शाम ’ is story of a character who’s life passes through extreme crest and troughs. He’s leading a beautiful life and is dreaming of a new upcoming beautiful world but abruptly it all turns into sorrow. Everything uneven began to happen and he was getting down by the situation. But then too he stood up and decided to fight, he fought against all odds and became a source of inspiration to all.
“This story fills you up with the courage to stand firm on your commitments. It realises you the true value of life and let you feel the true sense of love and devotion.

  • What encourages you to become an Author?
    Service to the society and my country. This whole thing is motto for me, that’s why I am following my passion and will always be serving through my thoughts. It gives me immense pleasure when someone get enlighten by reading my articles and thoughts. That is enough encouragement for me to carry on restlessly.
  • What is your current goal in writing career?
    To motivate people and make them compatible for every situation they face in practical life. To empower women and uplift depressed sections of society through my views. And utmost my every creation is to be in the service of society.

  • The titles seems different and catchy, how you decided it?
    The title actually resembles the dusk of life, the down moments in life. And then courage of a person who believe that dawn will surely come after dusk, and that give him power to fight through crucial hard time. The title is also used at such various moments inside the story.

Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same.
I am going to began another creation after sometime an that too will be a message to the society.
Surely will tell you regarding that after beginning.
Please attach a photo of yours, it will be great if you may provide your photo holding a copy of book.

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