A book which has the right combination of all elements becomes an interesting and thrilling read for every reader. If the book caters to the needs of not just the young folk but the grown up people then that only means that it would be read much more widely and perhaps beyond the expectation of the author. The same case seems possible on reading “The Destiny’s Child Enima” by the young writer Salma Afreen. In her work, she takes the readers on a magical spin in a world which is more or less not projected in the present day writings. This vintage and touch of the classic is what makes her book an inviting read for readers of all genres.

In simple terms, the book is definitely about kings, queens, royalty, evil, and other such salient features which gives the glimpses of the fairytale touch by the author and at the same time it also addresses other issues which are relevant in the present world. These issues include gender bias, subjugation of women, universal human nature of jealousy, faithfulness, loyalty and most importantly, the role of fate or destiny in the life of any person. These are the different factors that combine together to form an interesting and captivating book to keep the readers interested and willing to read through. But, the interesting fact is that these issues are never mentioned directly anywhere. The readers have to be wise and prudent to read between the lines and understand the author’s hints and by staying in tune with the words she has written.

The young author shows her talent of writing and influence of the classics in the language that she uses and the manner in which she constructs the characters. The characters surprise the readers by their behavior and actions and even though the chapter names make the plot a little predictable, yet the readers are tempted to read and go through the whole book without leaving any page unturned. The author keeps the readers engaged with her skill of narration and the Shakespearean touch that she gives her characters without holding the strings too tight. She allows the characters to take control and come to the Centre stage to perform their actions and let the readers be the moral judges of them. The manner in which Afreen develops the plot is also smooth but by keeping twists and turns here and there, she manages to reach the nerve of the readers making them hold on to the book till the very end.

The cover of the book has been kept simple but that may mislead the readers and the saying “Never judge a book by its cover” is proven true as the readers flip through the pages. The cover may show a girl trying to reach out to the moon but there is a lot more to that. The destiny of the protagonist, Enima remains in the background and despite the readers being aware, they still want to see how the events unfold how the girl’s destiny turns the cards and times of her life. Other than this, the author uses image illustration only towards the end, which gives a feeling of closure to the readers by the time they finish the book.

Afreen has displayed her skills and talents as a writer which are likely to blossom into a more refined version of her present writing and the readers can expect a lot of strong work that may be inspired from reality and would also discuss the modern day issues which are relatable for the present day people. “The Destiny’s Child Enima” may carry the aura of the vintage and classical, but the problems that the characters are confronted with makes it realistic and close to life. This nudge towards reality makes the book a work of relevance for not just the present time but also later times. It sort of makes the work universally relevant as these issues would never lose their contemporaneity.

Perhaps, there is no reader in the present day who has not heard about fairy tales. “The Destiny’s Child Enima” does have the touches of fairy tales but at the same time the hints to issues of social relevance make the book a modern version of fairy tales. This is what makes the book a recommended read for not just young children but grown up people too. Readers who are looking for some light reading where they can take a plunge into their imagination and reach the kingdom of kings and queens should try reading “The Destiny’s Child Enima”. There is an amalgamation of love, romance, tension, and conspiracy that makes the book a combination of all the elements readers may be looking for to refresh themselves with some light reading.

Author Name: Salma Afreen
Book Title: The Destiny’s Child Enima
Publisher:  Evincepub Publishing (10 July 2020)
Pages: 222
Language:  English
Review By: Akhila Saroha
Order On: Amazon


  1. A big thank you to you, Ma’am, for such an amazing review of my book, The DESTINY’s CHILD-ENIMA. You have all the right chords in explaining the core of my book and its message in such an excellent manner. Really I’m so thankful to you for it. And I’m sure by reading your review, many readers will be really attracted to my book, buy it and enjoy it thoroughly😇📘✒️

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