An Interview With Manisha Yadava Author Of the Books Kash Tum Samajh Pate, Jodi Tumi Bujhte, Jar Tu Samju Sakla Asta, Bahusa Niku Ardhamayyunte, दरिया-ए-एहसास, Wish You Could, Mere Khayal

 Dr. Manishaa Yadava has done Ph.D. in Economics. She is an Author of two poetry books “Mere Khayal” and “Driya-E-Ehsaas” & CO-Author of “Quotation Anthology”. She is also a Reiki healer/ Dowser/ Angels card reader/ Motivational speaker and an Art of Living volunteer. She was Born on 9th May 1973 in Meerut. Her father was a railway […]