Criticspace: Please let us know something about you.

Meera: I am from Delhi and I got married in 2006. My husband is a very good person. He supports me in all my work. My favourite color is black because no one else influences him. I live my life in my own way more.  I like it because we have got only one life, if we live it according to others, then what is the benefit of this life

Criticspace: What encourages you to become an Author?

Meera: My own fantasies inspired me to write.

Criticspace: Tell us something about your published book. How you started writing and the inspiration behind it?

Meera: My friends have always been inspired to write me. and my husband also supported me a lot. My first book “Mohabbat Kuch Aisi Bhi” is published in 2018.This book has some quotes and some poems on love. For many years, writing a few select things I have written in this book. I do not know if this book is good or bad, but if you read it, then maybe you will be able to tell how it is.!

Criticspace: What is your current goal in writing career?

Meera: Apart from this, I have written more in 4 books so far with many authors including “Radhakrishna Divine of Love” and “Helping Hands”and  “Straits of Shiva” and one more book I have written in “wajood”  to this, there is a book and I have written in it “कहकशां” Which has not yet been published on which work is in progress.!

Criticspace: Achievement So far: (Minimum 100 words)

Meera: I do not know about fame and success but I know so much that my friends have loved writing me and some people have started to know me, I am so happy.

Criticspace: What you love to write the most. What is your favourite genre in writing and reading?

Meera: I love to write and read cool and settled thoughts, but my way is still only on love life. I love to write and read when someone is happy and sad in love.

Criticspace: Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same.

Meera: Yes, I am also working with some other writers as it is my passion to write and this hobby will go with me from this world.!

Criticspace: Many authors and readers will come across this article. What is your message to those readers and authors?

Meera: All writers have their own way of writing, if someone wants to write on a subject, then someone has to write on a subject, the same happens to all those who are reading.  It seems to be the same. Do not do anything as someone says..!



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