CriticspaceWelcome to our site Vishal and congratulations on the huge success of your book. The book is great and we loved it. My first question is, to whom you dedicate this success?

Vishal: Of course first to Almighty, then my family, friends and relatives and to my lovely daughter Niva. 

Criticspace: The book was with an entirely new concept and a great storyline. How did you manage to combine all the elements like love, success, motivation, failure in “MyLifeline” series?

Vishal: Yeah surprisingly, it routed that way. My main vision is to provide the ultimate motivation and inspiration to my all the readers, out from my Novel’s each chapter, each page and paragraph. I really want to help everyone during their tough time. And frankly speaking, it is everyone’s real life after all. Sometime, some other day, everyone must have dealt this situation or would be dealing with it, where love, success, motivation, failures would be coming on the way. Part of an everyone’s core life. We all face them in our life’s journey. So, for me, it was not that much difficult to combine the elements.

Moreover, success and failure is part of everyone’s life. We all have to face it. And definitely, we all need motivation or inspiration during our tough time. Failure is not the last thing, where life just ends. Rather, confronting the challenge during our every stage of life i.e. study, exams, office, corporate, assignment, love, relationships etc., is the real art and beauty of truly living our life. So, these all the parameters, real life feelings and emotions, helped me to capture every elements. 

Criticspace: Being a successful published author is a great achievement. What are the other achievements which we do not know till now about you? Please let us know.

Ans: Academics Background and Achievements:

  • Bachelor of Engineer in Electronics & Tele-communication, from Mumbai University, in 2008, throughout first class with distinction.

  • Diploma in Digital Electronics, from Mumbai University, in 2005, throughout first class with distinction.

  • Scored highest marks and won 1st prize, in one of the Engineering’s toughest subject, “Engineering Drawing”, during Diploma career.

  • Invited as an External faculty judge, during National Level Technical Project Showcase in engineering college.

  • Given Motivational speeches, seminars to various group of engineering students.

  • Cultural and Sports activities enthusiasts. Complete story/script writing, directing, characters building, background music selection and acted on various Stage plays, dramas, skits, Fashion shows and won many prizes.

  • Anchored and hosted many Annual day shows and won best recognition.

Corporate Background and Achievements:

  • 10+ years of corporate experience and working as a Project Leader, in one of the top reputed MNC in Mumbai since 2008.

  • Worked as a Firmware/Software Support Engineer at Mequon, Wisconsin, USA for two years.

  • One year of Business Developer experience at MNC’s COO office.

  • Won 3rd prize amongst various joiners during 3 months of training program.

  • Apprised with out of ratings (i.e. full ratings) twice and recognized best performer within location.

  • Created and Leading event organizing group in corporate. Complete planning, designing and executing various events viz. Sports, cultural, corporate etc. and won various prizes on many occasions.

  • Conducted various Technical training for 40-50 group of employees, 5 day sessions of 8 hours per day. He has recognized as one of the best trainer with good employee feedback.

  • As a part of Interview panel, I have taken various interviews for Senior Engineer and Project Leader positions.

  • Anchored and Hosted Annual day programs and Complete story/script writing, directing, characters building, background music selection and acted on various Stage plays, dramas, skits, Fashion shows and won many prizes.

Key Highlights as a Writer/Author:

  • 3+ years of writing experience in Motivational/Inspirational Novels, Short stories, Blogs, Messages/Quotes in all English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati Languages.

  • 6+ years of experience in Stage Play/Drama, Skit directing, entire story writing and acting.

  • 5+ years of experience in Show Hosting and Anchoring.

Major Achievements as a Writer/Author:

  • I have been awarded as Top 100 Indian Debut Author for my worldwide publication of True Inspirational English Novel series #MyLifeline (Part I, II and III), which is available on all the major e-commerce platform viz. Amazon, Flipkart, Google books etc.

  • 5+ Hindi and Gujarati Stage/Play, Dramas, completely written, directed and acted, published over social media.

  • 50+ Motivational/Inspirational Blogs and 1200+ Messages/Quotes in all English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati languages, published over social media.

Criticspace: I liked the character of Nishaan very much. Can you tell something more about this character?

Vishal: ‘Nishaan’, the most important and main character of my entire Novel series. He is the heart of my Novel. A kind, humble and selfless young boy who always ready to help everyone and spread happiness in their life. Wheatish complexion with handsome look and having most average Indian boy height having athlete physic. He is perfect example of a youth (age between 25 – 30 years). Nishaan is very extrovert, jolly, social, loving and happy to go character who always mix with everyone, hangouts with everyone. He is lead event planner, social entrepreneur of every event amongst his friends, relatives, family and during his college as well as his corporate world. Nishaan is a kind of character, who is most loveable boy amongst his family, relatives, friends and everyone, who always want his company. Nishaan gives respect to every human being, be it kid or elder.

In my Novel, he plots the entire story with his motivational and selfless help towards his friends during their academics, high school, college and then corporate world. Though he was struggling from his own financial background but never let that come in front of him or to anyone. He showed his main character by facing real life challenges smilingly. He showed his true efforts and dedication and with that he achieved good remarks during his entire academics as well as in corporate world. He added beautiful shades in his love life with Shikha too, he loved and care her the most. He gave her everything. He too failed in his love as well corporate journey. He was sacked from his job as well, which led him towards utmost financial crisis in his family. But then fought against his own depression and demotivation by boosting his self-confidence and led himself towards ultimate inner happiness.

Nishaan never let his moral down at any tough situations. He smilingly came out from it with flying colours. Nishaan’s true dedication and efforts always kept him apart and top amongst everyone. His true self-motivation and positive approach towards life always gave him ultimate inner happiness, which he has spread across every corner. 

Criticspace: Please let your fans know about your daily life. Apart from writing and reading, what are the things you love to do most?

Vishal: Apart from my daily life, I am by heart, from my soul, a Social Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Councillor and an Author of Novels. I write Inspirational/Motivational Novels, Stage plays/dramas, Skits, Short stories, Blogs, Messages/Quotes in four different languages English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati.

Moreover, I am a lead event planner & organizer, event host/anchor and social entrepreneur of every event amongst my friends, relatives, and family, in college as well as in corporate world. I like to explore everything, all the aspects and every part of this world. I love to travel, love sports, music, loves to be a good listener of all the positive vibes surrounded. I love to spend my time with new peoples, and by my motivational, selfless words, thoughts, and acts, I love to help and support every individual around the corner and motivate them during their tough times.

Last but not the list, I spent my most of the leisure time with my parents, my wife and my daughter Niva, do maximum mischievous things with her.

And yeah, my closest thing, very much close to my heart, my writing stuffs. I send daily motivational 4-liners in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati languages to my family, friends, and relatives and to social media. I write blogs again in all 4 languages on weekly basis and currently working on two major Novel Inspiring thriller projects, which I am planning to publish it very soon. 

Criticspace: These days the Indian way of novel writing has improved very much, how you see the novel writing in India these days? Do we still need some improvement over here?

Vishal: Of course they became exemplary. And most important, many of young peoples are inclining towards writing and making some change in this society. Many current affairs, social life experiments, real life stories, history, ancient and vintage fragrance and many such areas are getting opened against this entire world. No doubts, novel writing wings have been widened and horizon is now taking new shape, which is not getting ended. Good to see such good positive vibes all around towards some change, towards better mankind and improvement.

While now a days, short stories, web series, taking new shapes, where lots of improvement have been seen in recent months. Many more miles to go for our Indian geographies and especially for all the Authors, like me. We all have taken the challenge, for best outcome, mainly for great learning, socio reform and towards betterment of this society. 

Criticspace: Writing a sequel of any book is a bit tough task. How did you manage to write the second book and how much time it took?

Vishal: That’s absolutely true! And mainly to figure out the entire narration, plot, scenes and most importantly to maintain the story flow as seamless as possible, without deviating much, is a real tough journey. I took that challenge and have decided from day one, while initiating this project #MyLifeline. I was firmed to make a Novel series and hence plotted the entire story to cover the full essence. I have figured out the major story line, with all the required main characters and built three major plots.

Part I: Hope Keeps Alive, Part II: Roller-coaster Nightmare’s, Part III: Being self-motivated.

It took almost 8-10 months for me to build first version of this entire Novel series with all three parts. 

Criticspace: Novels has become the favourite genre of most of the readers. It would be great if you can guess any reason behind it. Being a successful author, you might be surely having an answer, Vishal.

Vishal: Novels just touches the soul and most importantly, it enlightens the heart, with all the real life stories, incidents, social current affairs etc. Readers just want to live with that and want to get motivate and inspire out of it. Hence, became the most favourite genre. 

Criticspace: Who is your favourite author? Or, please let our readers know who influenced you to write novels. 

Vishal: Frankly, there are many of my favourite authors. It would be way difficult for me to pin out few out of them. I do engage in multiple literature readings (in all four different languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati). I do listen many speeches, watch videos, many social activities events, and stage play being my most favourite part, short stories and movies. I keep constantly engaging myself with all the motivating and inspiring literature surrounded to me by any Author and it just give me immense happiness and peace within. 

Criticspace: Thanks for your answers, Vishal. Best wishes for your literature career. So if you would have to give a message to a new reader that ‘why they should read MyLifeline’, what will be that message?

Vishal: Happiness can be elusive and so often young people are dejected, demotivated and depressed because of their failures. So how can one learn from their mistakes, uncover the positive in life and try to improve, help others, and face the world with a smile? In #MyLifeline Novel series, anyone who needs to feel encouraged in life, can follow the coming-of-age story of Nishaan – a kind, humble and selfless young man, who is starting his journey from college to the corporate world. Accompanied by friends on his new life’s journey and finally meeting a sweet, soft-spoken, soft-hearted girl, Shikha, who opens his world, Nishaan is able to confront the challenges of life with determination and support.

Even though it can be difficult to find happiness, one can use Nishaan’s story to stay motivated and positive, even though the most challenging of circumstances. If every one of us able to face the challenges and put forward a positive effort, then one can beat the depression and find a way to live again.

#MyLifeline, Novel series, is a true Inspirational story which one must have to feel and live. This Novel series is for all the youth, the young generation to identify themselves, to fight against their own inner weakness, their fear of society, their shamefulness, their heavy depression, their guilt for their innocent efforts and eventually to fight against their guilt for their failures. As such there is nothing to hide from this world, from oneself.

It is coming-of-age novel hopes to inspire, encourage, and motivate young people to be positive about their past failures, learn from their mistakes and lead them to be self-motivated. It’s a unique enthralling real life inspirational story of a young guy from his college days to his corporate worlds to his love lives, roller-coaster emotions to self-motivation and real ultimate happiness.

One should never let their moral and self-confidence down in any circumstances. Remember, failure is temporary and that is the first step to succeed in life. My dear friends, life is very beautiful, just live and love every moment, every part and every individual aspects of it. And always keep trust on this saying: “Life lived in idealism that feels worthless, often becomes an idol for someone’s life.”

There is nothing wrong to be good with everyone and to feel positive at every situation. There is nothing to lose for being always happy and positive at every moment in our life. So, that’s it! This show must go on!

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