Title: Namma Bangalore : The Soul of a Metropolis
Author: Shoba Narayan
Pages: 272 
Publisher: Rupa Publications India Pvt Ltd
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About the book: In her vibrant and insightful prose, Shoba Narayan offers a compelling glimpse into the distinctive essence of Bangalore, a city she has called home for nearly two decades. “Namma Bangalore” comprises a collection of essays that paint a vivid portrait of this unique urban landscape, providing both newcomers and visitors with a tantalizing taste of what it’s like to reside in India’s most sophisticated and cosmopolitan metropolis.

Narayan masterfully unravels the elements that set Bangalore apart from other Indian cities. She delves into the city’s culinary treasures, guiding readers to authentic Karnataka cuisine in some of its finest restaurants. Her exploration of the local wine enthusiast community offers a fascinating peek into a vibrant subculture within the city.

Narayan sheds light on the distinctive charm of Shivaji Nagar, a neighborhood that holds a special place in Bangalore’s heart, its history and vibrant culture evident at every turn. She also touches on how the city manages its heritage buildings, preserving its rich history for future generations to appreciate.

Nature enthusiasts will find a welcoming community in Bangalore, with numerous opportunities for birdwatching and a strong connection to the natural world within the city’s boundaries. The essayist points readers in the right direction for birdwatching escapades.

For those seeking retail therapy, Narayan unveils some of the city’s prime shopping destinations, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Finally, she introduces us to the movers and shakers who are making a significant impact on Bangalore’s dynamic landscape, adding depth and character to the city.

Through her lyrical and engaging prose, Shoba Narayan’s “Namma Bangalore” offers an enriching exploration of a city that encapsulates the intersection of tradition and modernity, providing an engaging and authentic experience for all who venture into its welcoming embrace.

About the Author: Five books have been authored by Shoba Narayan. She has worked for national and international newspapers as a journalist and columnist for thirty years, covering topics such as relationships, food, wine, culture, travel, and crafts. She is the recipient of a Pulitzer Fellowship and a James Beard Award. She has given lectures and taught in universities both in India and beyond. She has studied the impact of Indian aesthetics on jewellery, music, textiles, and fragrances since she is interested in them. She established and co-created Project LooM, a website that chronicles India’s weaving customs. She enjoys wine, gadgets, and bird watching. Her lifelong goal is to reduce weight without dieting and get in shape without working out.

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