Being a writer seems a very cool and fancy kind of job from the outside but is it all that easy in reality too? The answers is absolutely NO, as to be a writer you need to maintain a very disciplined lifestyle with a proper sleep pattern too in order to make your mind stay fresh for the work! For many, being a writer seems to be an easy job, as those people look from outside and they feel that it’s all about sitting on the bed with a laptop and simply writing the stuffs down. However, in reality, it’s never so easy, a writer doesn’t simply lays or sits down and writes the stuffs down, a writer too goes out and faces as many hardships as a person belonging to any other profession, in order to understand the world to write down!

In the words of Jean Webster, the famous American Writer & Author“Real Writers don’t write to become rich or famous, Real Writers write because otherwise, their head is going to explode!” Well, if you are seeking a carrier in the field of writing, you need to be honest with your work and follow certain principles on an ethical as well as professional front. The most essential requirement to become a Productive Writer is discipline, unless a writer develops a sense of discipline in his/her writing, the writer could hardly contribute anything for the readers.

Here are 7 Key Steps, which you must keep in mind in order to improve your Writing Productivity and Skills. Find the pointers below:

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1) Schedule Your Time For Writing: Writing requires a lot of endurance and patience to reach a level that would easily convince your readers to believe in what you write. So, it becomes excessively necessary for you as a writer to schedule enough time for yourself to write those magical words, which would let you connect to your readers.

2) Become Accountable For Your Writing: Truth is that you write first for yourself and then for the readers, so become more accountable towards your writing. Take the responsibility of completing your writing in a serious manner since you are the only one who holds the liability of completing the task.

3) Set Deadlines For Your Writing: A great way to add productivity in your writing is by setting up the deadlines for completing your tasks and once you reach your target within your deadlines you will start a trend of completing your writings on time; this would truly provide you great help in long run.

4) Reward Yourself On Reaching The Target: Once you reach your writing targets just get yourself some relaxation, do not just push yourself to go on for more. Since what you do is mental work. Reward yourself by going out to a delightful place as this would bring freshness in you or do things, which really rejoices you.

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5) Review & Analyze Your Own Writing: Completing your writing is just not enough, you need to read and re-read your own writings for several times till you make sure that each & every word used by you sums up for your writing in the best possible manner. Analyze what you write and try to raise up the standard of your writings as much as you can.

6) Take Survey Of Your Writing Material: When you feel that what you have written is great then just take up your writings to some readers and experts, ask them to read what you have written, and take the feedbacks from them. Apply their suggestions and ideas to your writings and make your writing even greater.

7) Write In Accordance To The Readers’ Taste: Keep in touch with the Reading World, try to connect yourself with readers, and feed yourself with what the readers truly love & enjoy in reading. If you write in accordance to the readers’ taste, you will surely be able to attract more readers for your writings.

Well, you may choose to write in any of the common Writing Forms such as – Descriptive, Narrative, Persuasive or Expository, whatsoever fits you the best and extracts out a better writer out of you. Just make sure that your writing makes sense to the readers.

“Writing is an Art and Writers are the Mighty Artists!”– NEEL PREET

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