Recognizing Top 100 Debut Authors

We are going to review debut Indian authors and select Top 100 of them based on content, writing skills and popularity among the readers. Eligibility for Nomination: Debut Authors Year 2018-19 | Author's birth origin in India.

Benefits to the authors:
1.Certificate of being top 100 debut author
2.Publishing of author story in sites/ blogs
3.Social Media Promotion

What you need to do?
1.Submit the nomination form
2.Send a copy of your debut book
3.Pay a small convenience fee of Rs.250/- only.

* Submission is being closed on 30 April.
* Results: 15 May

Criticspace Book Expert Reviews

Getting a book reviewed is a great achievement for an author since these days publishing a book is not that tough task. Getting it reached to target hands is the most difficult task that authors are facing these days. Criticspace is here with the genuine book reviews for readers, they can find the best books featuring in the world of literature. Book Reviews are the greatest tools to find the quality of the book. Being a reader, you will look for the best rather trying for a book by purchasing it. We will let you know what you must read and what you must not. Being an author, you must be informed that how much your writing is hitting the heart of your readers. How much good the quality of your content is, we will give a complete review by our core review team in every aspects of the story.

Criticspace Author Interviews

The most interesting things of the book is not what is written inside, rather, it is how it has been written by the author. What are those behind the stories, the circumstances that made to write the book which you are going to read. We take interest in conducting Author Interviews and present the glips of those converstions to our readers. Criticspace has set a new platform for authors to tell their real story to his/ her target readers.

Latest Issued Articles


Sita by Amish Book Review

So Question Arise is that Why We Need To Read This Book? We all know about who is site and what is the story of Sita? Okay, lets Discussed what we know about her? we know Sita as a Janak daughter. we know Sita as a Rama's wife we know her as princess of Mithila and queen of Ayodhya. we known about Sita who kidnapped by Ravan. we knew a pure Sita who Rejected by her husband because of Ravan. No, This time it is sita's origin story, How adopted girl become a warrior of Mithila. how a girl becomes a prime minister of Mithila. it is a sita journey as a strong woman. it is the second book of Rama Chandra series written by Amish Tripathi a best seller mythological fiction author. Janak king of Mithila and his wife Sunaina find a girl child who protected by the vultures. they adopted her and named her Sita.


Deadliest Secret of Truth Book Review

Secrets! Murder! Love! Cheating! A novel, combining all these thrills in 222 Pages. Hello Readers, we are back having a gift for you. Just completed reading a thrilling novel "Deadliest Secret of Truth" it is a prequel trilogy series by Arjun Kacepr. While reading the novel you will find yourself in USA because Arjun has presented the background and all the characters at his best. Moving around the characters Jasper, Asher, Jim and Miguel, the story start with a strong event taking place by Jim Thomas and the secret of this event has is kept till the end of the novel. The characters of Miguel come into existence.


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