50 Best Quotes From The Power Of Thoughts And Imaginations by Bhawna Gautam

Title: 50 Best Quotes From The Power Of Thoughts And Imaginations – A Book Of Inspiration (Volume 2)Author: Bhawna GautamPages: 204Publisher: White Falcon Publishing Buy Now Sometimes, it becomes utmost necessary to seek inspiration and stay fuelled up in order to face the unpredictable situations of life with ease & smoothness. This life transformational guide, […]

Book Review: A 100 Ways How Not To Screw Up Your Relationship Subtitle By Ankith S Kumar

Title: A 100 Ways How Not To Screw Up Your RelationshipSubtitle: A collection of wisdom from the ones who messed upAuthor Name: Ankith S KumarPages: 198Publisher: Evincepub PublishingBuy Now They say that a relationship truly works out the best when two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other! Well, if every relationship were […]

Book Review: A Sparkling Hope And the Magic Of Destiny By Rishitha Jithendra

Title: A Sparkling Hope and the Magic of DestinyAuthor: Rishitha JithendraPages: 205Publisher: Evincepub PublishingBuy Now Sometimes all we need in our life is a little bit of sparkle & an appropriate amount of hope to make everything going as our eyes shine to be sparkle and the heart feels the charm of hope! Well, this […]

Life Beyond Complications by Vaidehi Taman is a Significant Writing in Terms of Spiritual Awakening for Readers

Title: Life Beyond Complications: tete a tete with Sadguru Shri RiteshwarAuthor: Vaidehi TamanPublisher: Astitva PrakashanPages: 80 pages Order Book: AmazonGenre:  Spirituality (Books) Spirituality is a subject that has gained recent popularity among the present-day youth and the ideologists who have been preaching the idea of going back to our roots. But the major problem everyone […]

Book Review Hydrate to Elevate : Electrolyzed Reduced Hexagonal Water – The Key to Good Health By Dr. Debi Prasad Acharjya

The significance of water in the sustenance of human life has often been quoted and mentioned among people and circles for a long time now. The numerous kinds of research done in the direction of using water for various purposes are proof of the efforts being made. “Hydrate to Elevate: Electrolyzed Reduced Hexagonal Water the […]

Book Review – The Age Of Ascent – Empower Yourself By Knowing Yourself

Book: The Age Of Ascent – Empower Yourself By Knowing Yourself Author: Yogi Mahajan Publisher: Rupa Publications India (2022) Total Pages: 184 Reviewed By: Neel Preet This remarkable book, “The Age Of Ascent – Empower Yourself By Knowing Yourself” by Author Yogi Mahajan is carrying a very generous aim of imparting knowledge by creating motivation in the lives of […]

The 10 Gunas: (Mindsets) For Jiva (You), Jivan (Life) And Moksha (Fulfilment) By Prof. P.R. Mukund

CATEGORY – Health & FitnessIMPRINT – Rupa PublicationAUTHOR – Prof. PR. MukundTITLE – The 10 Gunas Rupa Publications India is delighted to announce the launch of ‘The 10 Gunas’ book by Prof. PR Mukund. This book, which is about values reborn, knowledge regained, and bliss reimagined, delves into multi-faceted success in life. About the Book […]

Creative Entrepreneurship The Walt Disney Way By Virender Kapoor

About The Book – Everyone knows Walt Disney, but do they know Walt Disney? A life fairly shrouded in mystery, this iconic persona has left a legacy in the domain of creativity that no one has been able to surpass in recent history. In this one-of-a-kind self-help book, the world’s greatest storyteller has their story […]

The Biography of Agyeya by Award-Winning Author Akshaya Mukul

Penguin Random House India announces the acquisition and publication of multiple award-winning author, Akshaya Mukul’s Writer, Rebel, Soldier, Lover: The Many Lives of Agyeya. The story of one of the most brilliant personalities of Indian literature is coming out in the English language in July 2022 under the Vintage imprint and is currently available on all major […]

Leadership in 100 Words” by Mainak Dhar

Introduction – Ever since the pandemic has hit everyone’s lives, everyone has been looking for a ray of hope that could catapult their lives to the better days. For that, the essential ingredient is to have clarity of thought in the first place. This would eventually lead to being motivated and driven, thereafter also chalking […]