Book Review – What Is Human Factor: The Key To A Joyful Life by Dr. Vipin Gupta

What Is Human Factor by Dr. Vipin Gupta is an enticing though elaborate read. The title of the book puts up a question only to answer it in the subtitle which states: The Key To A Joyful Life. This is the key to the locks that open up a whole new world beyond the regular […]

Becoming by Michelle Obama review – race, marriage and the ugly side of politics

Top Book Editors in India Editing and proofreading are essential parts of the writing process. They help with the effectiveness of your writing style and the clarity of your ideas. … Editing requires you reread your draft to check for more significant issues, including organization, paragraph structure, and content. About The Author: Michelle Lavaughn Robinson […]

Book Review | WHY- Reason For Every Action |Abdul Ghaffar | Criticspace Journals

A pragmatic approach to make us think better The famous startup research writer Thomas Oppong has once quoted that nothing gives a person the wholeness of peace like a distinct understanding of their actions. True, no? Our actions define us, and as soon as we realize the reason behind our actions, our thought process is […]

From Knowing to Glowing | Book Review | Kavita Saraff | Criticspace

Author Kavita Sarraf, an advocate by profession, has done an applaudable work writing this book called ‘From Knowing to Glowing.’ She has divided it into two parts – the first one describing some noticeable experiences of her life, and the second one conveying her message to the readers. Kavita was merely 10 days old when […]

Presenting Book Review The Secret by Rhonda Byrne at Criticspace Book Promotion in India

There are times in life when many face an existential crisis and are unable to understand how and why things are going about for them. They try to seek answers of hope for a ray of hope, a light to guide them through the trouble situations, or the crisis that they face. Some are lucky […]

Presenting Book Review The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy at Criticspace |Book Promotion in Indian

The human mind is one subject of study and interest to everyone. Everyone is fascinated and wants to understand how it works to understand humans, their behaviors, and how their behaviour is affected more closely. As everyone knows, human behaviour is influenced more by what goes on in his mind rather than external forces. The […]

The Mind Game by Devika Das | Book Review | Criticspace

Mind: The place where all our emotions reside. Besides those emotions, it makes ample space for several problems as well. It is definitely a no-brainer to know the roots behind all our problems, that is emotions. So what if we learn the art of tackling our emotions and channelizing them in a good way rather […]