Dr. Sachchidanand Padhy, author of the book ‘The Bhagvadgita – A Lucid Presentation’ has done a splendid job bringing out this easily comprehensible version of the divine ancient scripture. He begins with describing the birth-and-death chakra and recycling of the soul in the first chapter. In the gist of this chapter of The Bhagavad Gita, […]

Book Review| Aksara Bhagvad Gita by Haribakth

A fiction always carries a slice of reality. Life bestows us with various circumstances and we respond as per our perceived views towards life. This book is a beautiful effort to analyze various aspects of Bhagvad Gita through a fictionalized chain of events. As many scholars already said; Gita is not about religious views, but […]

Book Review – The Shining Warrior – Criticspace Journal

The story of Mahabharata how much ever old it is, reading the epic always gives a new perspective towards the characters present in it. Many times the tale of Mahabharatha is conceived from the Pandavas point of view and Krishna’s managing power. The same has been accepted since ages. Coming to the new generations also, […]

Book Review | Glimpses of Indian Languages | Criticspace Journals

Communication has always been the key to understanding a person’s state of mind and also a medium of expression for human beings at large. In a diverse country like India, there is a lot more richness and diversity in the number of languages and dialects spoken. Understanding all of them together becomes a challenge and […]

Book Review | Curse of Shiva and Other Tales: Collection of Short Stories & Poems |

The book, “Curse of Shiva and Other Tales: Collection of Short Stories & Poems” by Author Abhishek Goswami is a beautiful blend of short stories and poems served together to the readers who are fond of reading subjects like supernatural fantasies, mythological tales and science fiction. The book consists of 10 Short-Stories and 23 Poems, which are surely worth […]