Book Review| The Fishbowl: Story of the Storyteller by Vivek Kumar | Criticspace Journals

As time changes, human beings generally tend to look back at their yesteryears with a feeling of nostalgia. This feeling looms large and makes the readers feel the same emotion at their personal levels too. Vivek Kumar, in his book, “The Fishbowl: Story of the Storyteller,” evokes the same sentiment and appeals powerfully to all […]


India is one land where there is a diversity of people, language, religious, and social constructs. As time has changed, the diversity has further enhanced, and there are people of a lot more than one could even depict. Similar is the case when it comes to talking about the different tribes living on the Indian […]

Book Review | Cupids Arrow | Criticspace Journal

In a real sense, literature is about the absolute flow of emotions that are not limited to any form or genre. This is proven true by Shaheen Kazi, who, after her debut novel, “Age.. Was Just a Number,” comes back with new work from her pen, “Cupid’s Arrow,” which, unlike the former, is a collection […]

Book Review | M I S P L A C E D H E A D S a novel by JAYANTHI |Criticspace Journals

India had culturally been rich and thriving in the glorious past that perhaps no one is unaware of. The cultural effects still find their impact and place in the present-day writings and hold the interest of the readers firmly. After her short-story collection, “Dangling Gandhi,” Jayanthi comes up with a full-fledged work of fiction, “Misplaced […]

Book Review – Sixty Years From Now by Amit Radha Krishna Nigam

INTRODUCTION: “Sixty Years From Now” is an incredible book by the author Amit Radha Krishna Nigam. He is born and brought up in Vrindavan, Amit Radha Krishna Nigam holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and is the author of ‘Musings of Desire’ and ‘Pilgrims’ and ‘The shape of faith’. He has received the Vivekananda prize […]


Perhaps among all human emotions, the strongest and most addictive is love, whether from parents, siblings, the loved ones, or the significant other. As an emotion, love binds and connects human beings, and the foundation of perhaps every relationship is based on this powerful emotion. Love is a powerful word, as quickly one can say, […]


Eversince women have entered the sphere of literary writing; they have tried to showcase what women feel in a real sense. They have shown how patriarchy has held them in its grip for generations and continues to do so in some manner or the other. These efforts by women make readers read, and people hear […]

Book Review | The Goddess’s Homecoming |Nibedita Deb | Criticspace Journals

The subject of women in literature has been in the limelight for a long time. Yet, most of those portrayals were of women by men. In Indian literature, there are only a handful of women who have entered the realm of writing and expressed women in the closest manner possible. Dealing with the psychological intricacies […]

Book Review Anuradha by M. Murtaza | Criticspace Journals

The circumstances in the life of a person are significant in contributing to and shaping their personality. These circumstances have the potential to change the thinking, perception, and nature of anyone. M. Murtaza, in his work, “Anuradha,” attempts to show this effect by the depiction of the life of the protagonist Dhiraj transforming into Seth […]