The 10th book in the series by Dr. Vipin Gupta is titled What Is Cultural Factor

In Conversation With Professor Vipin Gupta About His Book What Is Trading Factor A scientific manual with a mathematical approach in an illustrative format may seem like a thing of the outer world but Dr. Gupta’s dedication and diligence has helped achieve this feat flawlessly. The 10th book in the series, What is Cultural Factor […]

What Is Trading Factor by Dr. Vipin Gupta – Book Review

They say an examiner must not give full marks because there is always a scope for improvement. The same rule applies to reviewers as well. We are inherently trained to keep a room wide open for enhancing the book. Anyway, coming to the book; What Is Trading Factor shall capture your attention right from the […]

Book Review – What Is Self Awareness – Dr. Vipin Gupta

Background: What Is Self Awareness is the 7th book of the VIPIN project (Vastly Integrated Processes In Nature) The crux of the matter revolves around the principle of investigating the complex processes controlled by Mother Nature and how it impacts humans’ wholesome growth. Highly academic and thoroughly researched, this book takes us beyond the concept […]

Book Review – What Is Para Consciousness by Dr. Vipin Gupta – Criticspace Journals

In the process of discovering the complicated and integrated processes inside Nature, Dr. Vipin Gupta has come up with the 6th book of VIPIN project- What Is Para Consciousness. As the tagline goes, this book will help us nurture the potential beyond what we already know. The path to discovering reality, whether present or the […]

Book Review – What Is Consciousness- The Factor Creating The Law Of Limitation – Criticspace Journals

What Is Consciousness is the fifth book in Dr. Vipin Gupta’s grand project of deciphering the nature’s complex process in shaping human’s divinity. An academic approach, where the author amalgamates the scientific perspectives within the divine realm. Worshipping God or believing in your divine power is quite different from each other. In this book, much […]

Book Review – Is Divine Energy: The Secret of the Limitless Immanent Value – Vipin Gupta – Criticspace

Is Divine Energy is the fourth book, independently published by Dr. Vipin Gupta in his twelve-book project for discovering the vastly integrated processes inside nature. The very first caution I would like to mention is; this whole project is designed chronologically and to understand this present book thoroughly the readers are requested to read the […]

One Stop Solution to Test Automation Using Java Selenium| Book review | Criticspace Journals

Finding the right book on a programming language for along with the term usage can be tough. Some books are aimed at beginner level programmers, some for the experts and experienced people. While few books cover the core and general Java programming, others are for specialized subject matters. This book by author Vikas Sharma is […]

Book Review | Is Present Reality; The super-science of the Transcendental Value | Criticspace Journals

Restorative. Interestingly Intriguing. Being third in the queue of Dr. Gupta’s 12 book project, this book in mainly to investigate our reality as an entity who has the power to shape the present and illuminate our presence for the eternal future. As I have been following this project from the very first book, I can […]

Book Review | What is Present Reality by Dr. Vipin Gupta | Criticspace Journals

Phenomenal, Educational and a Miraculous Perspective In this constructive twelve book project over spirituality, divinity and amalgamation of nature’s best resources, What Is Present Reality comes as Dr. Gupta’s second book. Have you ever felt muddled between thoughts and slowly failing to comprehend what is real and what is an illusion? I have felt so, […]

Book Review | What is Divine Energy by Vipin Gupta at Criticspace Journals

Fascinating. Profound. A technical revolution to unleash our spirituality Bound under a supernatural paradigm, we all reside inside a constant, irrevocable cycle of life. That’s what our ancient scriptures say and our modern science denies. What Is Divine Energy; is the first step of Dr. Gupta’s twelve books project and is a profound effort to construct an […]