Book Review |The Case of the Missing Brother by Vikas Sinha | Criticspace

“Every piece of the puzzle holds an indispensable importance and unless the last vital piece of the puzzle is placed to its right position, things remain incomplete!” The book, “The Case of the Missing Brother” by Author Vikas Sinha can most certainly be regarded as a Crime Fiction with an appropriate dose of Action, Mystery […]

Book Review |Reflections by Dr. Dewakar Goel | Criticspace Journals

The human mind is such that it keeps wandering over the different things it witnesses and the various events that occur. As time gives experience to a human being, the wisdom born out of it is much more practical and applicable to life in the real sense. A work bearing a thorough influence of this […]


Since earlier times, adults, as well as children, get fascinated by the tales of the unknown, myths, or the realms they have not visited. Due to the imaginative elements, such stories invoke the interest of perhaps all kinds of readers and listeners right from the beginning.  One such story that has the potential to reach […]

The Humble Wrath | Book Review | Vandana Sudheesh

In silence, she walked To herself, she talked What is distracting her? Her eyes filled with anger The untold wrath She posessed in her path Soft smile wiping them too hard Suffocation barely to guard Ripping off those feelings from the start Wounded scars, they left in her heart. These are my favourite lines from […]

God: The Best Friend & Guide | Jaydip Das | Criticspace Book Review

Spirituality is an aspect of life about which less people know about and the ones who do know do not know in much depth. Jaydip Das in his landmark work, “God, The Best Friend and Guide” attempts to enlighten the readers and tell them the importance of the path of spirituality through his life as […]

Hindsight 2020 | Sudip Banik | Book Review | Evincepub

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed people’s lives to an extent which no one has anticipated even a few months ago. The confinement of people to their homes gave them time to introspect and also decide better for their future. Sudip Banik in his book, “Hindsight 2020: Not a Political Satire” records the happenings of the […]

Money Lessons on How to Avoid Daily Financial Stress by Anna Liza Naik | Book Review | Evincepub

Money is necessary for every work a person has to do. From being born to the death day, every person has the requirement for money. The worldly pleasures are such that temptations are present at every step of life in every passing day. Since the income is limited for everyone, and wants are much more […]

A False Alarm | Arjun Kacper | Evincepub Publishing

If fiction is inspired by reality and the things an author writes bring out the dark realities of the human civilization instead of the fictional fantasy world then the work is likely to be more realistic and appeal to the readers more strongly. This kind of strong portrayal of reality and truth in its stark […]

Book Review – Inspiration by Amit Arora | Evincepub | Criticspace | Book Promotion Services

Poetry now-a-days is a little less favored form of literary writing among the present day writers. Even if there are a few writers trying to give words to their emotions or their experiences in a concise manner, the work is not always able to meet the bar set by the poetic giants of earlier times. […]