Hindsight 2020 | Sudip Banik | Book Review | Evincepub

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed people’s lives to an extent which no one has anticipated even a few months ago. The confinement of people to their homes gave them time to introspect and also decide better for their future. Sudip Banik in his book, “Hindsight 2020: Not a Political Satire” records the happenings of the […]

Money Lessons on How to Avoid Daily Financial Stress by Anna Liza Naik | Book Review | Evincepub

Money is necessary for every work a person has to do. From being born to the death day, every person has the requirement for money. The worldly pleasures are such that temptations are present at every step of life in every passing day. Since the income is limited for everyone, and wants are much more […]

Book Review | Rhythm Roger – The Secrets of Electon | by Bestselling Author Himanshu Rai | Criticspace Journals

The book, “Rhythm Roger – The Secrets of Electon” by Author Himanshu Rai is indeed a Science Fiction Novel with all the real elements and technicalities of a typical Si-Fi Novel, which certainly made it much intriguing! The book is also unique and highlights the effects of the Virtual World. Also, the book carries some […]

10 Keys To Attain Happiness | Book Review | Rajat Khatri | Evincepub

Being happy is everyone’s desire and aim behind all their actions. In today’s busy life and run for a comfortable lifestyle, everyone does everything to be happy but somewhere that universal dream goes down the drain and people become victims of various psychological problems. In the light of this, Rajat Khatri writes the book, “10 […]

Book Review Self-Publishing Expectations Vs Reality by Sasid Nataraj at Criticspace Journals

Writing has been one of the most powerful ways of expression since the discovery of writing as an art form. As time has changed, book publishing grew into an industry and as everyone is aware, two different forms of publishing have evolved in the world of publishing till present. But as they say, knowledge is […]

Interview with Author Ankit Khemka | Cacophony to Symphony | Evincepub

Akhila Saroha: Before everything else, I would like to congratulate you on the publication of your book, “Cacophony to Symphony.” How has the response to the book been so far? Ankit Khemka: Thank you very much, Akhila. Thank you! The response has been tremendous. The feedback is positive. The readers can relate with the book […]

Interview with Bestseller Author Naseha Sameen at Criticspace

Naseha was born in a town encapsulated by two rivers, inhabited by people who celebrate on the face of natural calamities. It is a one-millennium old city, Cuttack which breathes of tales if only one can listen. Silent starry nights, noisy cracking dawn, lazy afternoon loaded with champak odor, giggling evening and early retreat of […]

Interview with Bestseller Author Samyak Kumar at Criticapace | Best Book Promotion in India

Criticspace: Welcome to Criticspace Journals, Samyak. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the release of your book “TAKE OFF YOUR STARTUP”. The book is being loved by all; how do you enjoy this success?  Samyak Kumar: The writing process was really lengthy and painstaking but even if 2 lives are changed by […]

Interview With Vikrant Bhagat | Criticspace

Question 1: Please let us know something about you? Author: He is an author, an educator, social media strategist, a  technical geek, Copywriter, editor, content strategist, singer with many dreams. He is an engineer by profession graduating from Amity Unversity Mumbai with a knack for telling stories, a flair for detail, and a hint of […]

An Interview with Kumar Anupam ‘Dev’ | Ek Sunhari Raah | Evincepub

Criticspace: First of all, congratulations on the publication of your book “Ek Sunhari Raah”. How has the audience responded to the book so far? Kumar Anupam:  Thank you for your warm wishes. Audience has overwhelmed me with their love. I am getting appreciation on my contact as well as on public forms. Criticspace: Your poetry collection, […]