Diana Altman Author Of The Book We Never Told

Diana Altman is the author of Hollywood East: Louis B. Mayer and the origins of the studio system (Carol Publishing, ’92) a nonfiction book still quoted in movie star biographies and books of film history. She was a guest on TV’s Entertainment Tonight. Her award-winning novel In Theda Bara’s Tent (Tapley Cove Press, 2010) was […]

A Man Called Ove: The life-affirming bestseller that will brighten your day by Fredrik Backman, Book Review, Criticspace Journals

Call it a reality check or whatever, the present book market is certainly flooded with crime dramas, psychological thrillers, and murder mysteries. These days, every alternate writer is adamant to pen down a gut-wrenching, spine-tingling, never-thought-before crime. Probably because thrillers have become the fastest route to have a screen adaptation. Believe me when I say […]


Welcome to the Author Discovery Zone. We know that Grabbing readers’ attention to a new book can be particularly challenging, especially in such a crowded marketplace. If you like being the first to learn news about new authors and new books, Criticspace’s Meet the Authors section is the perfect source. Here’s your chance to be […]

Key Steps To Become A Productive Writer

Being a writer seems a very cool and fancy kind of job from the outside but is it all that easy in reality too? The answers is absolutely NO, as to be a writer you need to maintain a very disciplined lifestyle with a proper sleep pattern too in order to make your mind stay […]

Powerful Book Promotion & Book Marketing Ideas For Indian Authors

Why don’t the Indie Authors simply hire a Publicist & let the load of promoting their books, not be an additional pain for them? The answer is to this question is the ‘Economics’ hidden in the process of hiring a publicist. For most of indie authors, the publishing procedure itself is a costly operation but […]

Simply mutual by Deepak Mullick – Book Review

Author: Deepak Mullick Publisher: Notion Press; Rating: 4/5 Reviewed by Tasnima, Criticspace Journal Divided into 10 chapters, Simply mutual is a nonfiction book about the manner of investing in equity through mutual funds. The book begins with a rather long disclaimer but it is an essential read especially for beginners. This disclaimer draws on some […]

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins review – a skillful memory-loss thriller

There’s nothing new under the sun – or in the world of big-selling commercial fiction – but Paula Hawkins has come up with an ingenious slant on the currently fashionable amnesia thriller. The latest bestselling example is Emma Healey’s Costa-winning debut Elizabeth Is Missing, featuring an elderly woman with dementia. The protagonist of The Girl […]

Book Review | The Silent Patient | Alex Michaelides

Alicia Berenson’s otherwise perfect life rots overnight as the famous painter is accused of murdering her fashion photographer husband. 5 gunshots straight to the head and no one could ever find the motive. Why? Because the accused and also the only witness, Alicia, has stopped talking. Zipped. Full stop. Not a single word she has […]

Saiyid Safdar Abbas Zaidi an Associate Member of the Indian Institute of Bankers, (IIBF) Mumbai

Saiyid Safdar Abbas Zaidi an Associate Member of the Indian Institute of Bankers, (IIBF) Mumbai is a retired Banker with almost four decades of banking experience. He is an author and motivational speaker.  He has played pivotal roles in Training & Development both in local and international Banks. He has written extensively on varied subjects […]

The 10 Never-Ageing Crime Thrillers By Indian Authors

The human mind often baffles through its unexpected sartorial choices. We tend to be amnesic towards a simple storyline while holding a memory of steel for deadly, ghastly, or horrendous narratives. One would definitely love to read Gogol of Jhumpa Lahiri, appreciate the chain of dramatic events, however, if anything like Byomkesh Bakshi comes along, […]