An Interview with Harsimran Kaur at Criticspace Journals

Welcome to Criticspace Journals, Harsimran. First of all, I would like to know how and when you actually started writing? We all are excited to know about it. Harsimran Kaur: I express my gratitude towards Criticspace Journals for allowing me to speak about my endeavors. I’m very honored, and I surely appreciate such warmth. I […]

An Exclusive Interview with Bestselling Author Azar

About the Author: Azar graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. He currently works for a private organization as Senior Executive and published his maiden novel “Who told Men not to Cry?” at the age of 20. Today the world knows Azar as a competent engineer, a budding author, an amazing narrator, […]

An Interview with Shilpa on ‘love.feel.pain.heal.repeat’

Neha Sharma: Deep and intense – would be the gist of the feelings that one experiences while going through this brilliant piece of work by you. Congratulations on bringing out this compilation successfully. How’s the response around you and beyond so far? Shilpa: Thank you so much. With the pandemic situation worsening, the mindshare has […]

Exclusive Interview with Author Abdul Ghaffar at Criticspace

He is President of International Board of Social and Education Trust, a social and educational organization and members of many social and educational organization. He has also associated with schools in India as well as International Indian schools in Saudi Arabia. Questionnaires: Que: First of all, we at Criticspace wish to congratulate you, Mr. Ghaffar. […]

An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Vipin Gupta at Criticspace

Author Background: Dr. Vipin Gupta is an eminent professor of management and co-director of the Centre for Global Management at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and public administration, California State University. He is here with us to talk about his book, Is Divine Energy. Questionnaires: Que: Congratulations, Dr. Gupta, on your book. You have […]

An Interview with Ravindra Rao at Criticspace Journals

Author Background: Haribakth is the pen name of author Ravindra Rao who has written a very well-documented book on Gita – 19th Akshauhini: Algorithm of the Gita. The co-author or the illustrator of the later part of the book is his daughter and an architect by profession – Vaishnavi. The book has generally received a […]

An Interview with Arnab Basu at Criticspace Journals

Author Background: Arnab Basu is an environmentalist by passion and profession. He has had nearly two decades of experience in the field of environment and sustainability consultancy and five years of association as natural history commentator with natural history, non-profit, NGO, Exploring Nature. His writing on the environment and natural history started in 2015. He […]

An Interview with Author Nihar Bhonsule | Criticspace Journals

Today, we are here with another debutant, Nihar Bhonsule, whose book The Path of Sukshmaloka has enraptured the fantasy readers. Let us hear out his views on writing and this publishing world. Questionnaires: First of all, congratulations on your book. How do you feel being a published author? Nihar Bhonsule:  Thank you so much! It […]

An Interview with Author Vipin Gupta at Criticspace

Author’s Background: An esteemed name in the community of managerial scientists, Dr. Vipin Gupta is a professor of management. He is presently the co-director of the Centre for Global Management at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, California State University, San Bernardino. With a long queue of substantiated publications, training programs […]

An Interview With Vikas Sinha at Criticpace Journals

The Author, Vikas Sinha decided one day that he would like to pen down the stories that he kept thinking about, that he kept dreaming about. He soon found that writing a story is quite difficult and that writing a novel is an arduous task. It took a lot of time to finally complete this […]