An Interview with Ravindra Rao at Criticspace Journals

Author Background: Haribakth is the pen name of author Ravindra Rao who has written a very well-documented book on Gita – 19th Akshauhini: Algorithm of the Gita. The co-author or the illustrator of the later part of the book is his daughter and an architect by profession – Vaishnavi. The book has generally received a […]

An Interview with Arnab Basu at Criticspace Journals

Author Background: Arnab Basu is an environmentalist by passion and profession. He has had nearly two decades of experience in the field of environment and sustainability consultancy and five years of association as natural history commentator with natural history, non-profit, NGO, Exploring Nature. His writing on the environment and natural history started in 2015. He […]

An Interview with Author Nihar Bhonsule | Criticspace Journals

  Today, we are here with another debutant, Nihar Bhonsule, whose book The Path of Sukshmaloka has enraptured the fantasy readers. Let us hear out his views on writing and this publishing world. Questionnaires: First of all, congratulations on your book. How do you feel being a published author? Nihar Bhonsule:  Thank you so much! […]

An Interview with Author Vipin Gupta at Criticspace

Author’s Background: An esteemed name in the community of managerial scientists, Dr. Vipin Gupta is a professor of management. He is presently the co-director of the Centre for Global Management at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, California State University, San Bernardino. With a long queue of substantiated publications, training programs […]

Author Interview |Dr. Smitha Chandrashekarappa | Evincepub Publishing

Criticspace: First and foremost, I would like to extend my congratulations to you for publication of “In Search Of a New Home In Space” How have the readers responded to the book so far? Dr. Smitha Chandrashekarappa: The response has been great. Getting very good feedback from the parents and children. Happy about it. Criticspace:  […]


Name: Vidushi Singh Birth Place: Ballia Interests: poetry, basketball, badminton Hobbies: singing, dancing, reading Biographical Info I Vidushi Singh, am a student of class 12th in Ballia District of Uttar Pradesh. My parents say that I was interested in story telling and poetry since the very beginning of my childhood, though they also comment that […]

Farhad Ahmad Pir | Author Feature | Criticspace

Name: Farhad Ahmad Pir Birth Place: Tujar Sharief Bunstan, Sopore Interests: Teaching and Writing Hobbies: Travelling, Gardening and Reading Biographical Info: I was born in the year 1989, in Sopore, District Baramullah in Kashmir. I was brought up in a village named Tujar Sharief. I know English, Urdu and Kashmiri languages. I have done M.A in […]


Somewhere we all like literature and loves to read and know about it. It has my first experience of reading that kind of book, and I love it a lot. Subhajit Bhadra writes ‘Readings in World Literature’ book. He has written and published many books like (Animal Discourse in Literature,  Texts in Contexts and Reflections on […]

An Interview with Author Sudip Banik | Criticspace

Author’s Background An avid thinker and strategist, the author has 15+ years of corporate experience working for top conglomerates like Vodafone, Godrej and Micromax to name a few. Being quite passionate about academics, after having completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication and a dual certification in Business Administration; Sales and Marketing/HR, the author is […]

AN INTERVIEW WITH POET NEHA SINGHAL | Zubaan-e-Kalam | Evincepub Publishing

Swapna Peri: Hi Neha! Congratulations on your book, Zubaan-e-Kalam. Our readers want to know about you. Can you tell us about yourself apart from whatever mentioned in the book?’’ Neha Singhal: Firstly, I would like to thank you Swapna for giving your precious time to review my book. I would also like to take this […]