My Thoughts:
My 2021 started with a bang! This is one of the very darkest and explicit books I read. I appreciate the Author for penning this book, which will stay for a longer time in the reader’s mind if received with an open and wide mind if received with an open and wide mind. I had a good and unexplainable experience reading this book. I recommend this to those readers who appreciate dark and explicit erotica literature.

What to expect from the story?
Expect a story of a woman who is exploited with or without her consent.
Expect a story of a woman who chooses something that which break her forever.
Expect a story of a woman who intends for a single encounter but meets the person of her life.
Expect a story that is a package of surprise, emotions, feeling, unconditional love, regret and hope.

Who can read?
The book is strictly recommended for 18 and above readers and more precisely to readers who are comfortable reading explicit adult and sexual content.

How good are the characters?
The book has no specific characters though some names appear in two stories. All the characters are real and raw. In the world of spirituality, a soul has no name, but a body has. Similarly, in every story where a woman’s soul renders the story, naming the character looks obsolete. This is a very unique and laudable attempt. Thus, the characters are exuberant with thrive on living, deleting the pain in their lives and keeping up the hope for a better tomorrow.

How good is the narration?
The narration in the book is engaging, thoughtful and interesting. There is pain behind the central characters, which is very neatly and elegantly showcased by Author Svabhivadi. The author intends to explain the cynical and stereotyped attitude of people on certain individuals is captured nicely.

How good are the language and grammar?
Simple language with colloquial vocabulary in explaining the adult content is found in the book. Though reading the book might suffocate the readers in the initial pages, the readers will follow the flow once the intent is clear.

How good is the Author’s writing style?
Apart from the visually imaginative content, the intention behind every feeling shown in each of the five stories is wonderful. Going deep down into the soul of a woman who chose a life that might seem different \ weird and explaining her innermost emotions is a work of guts. Here, Author Savbhavadi just excelled! There are elements of surprise, shock and heart-felt feelings in each story. This book is a great attempt in the world of abstract\adult]erotic literature.

How entertaining is the book?
The book is raw, abstract, yet thought-provoking. The five stories that have no definite structure but have lots of feelings and emotions tied to the book’s characters are enticing to read. Also, mature elements, the steamy and bold scenes explained explicitly will remind the readers of some famous erotic novels. To the readers who are quite comfortable in reading erotic and explicit literature will find the book entertaining.

Final Verdict:
Bold and strictly for readers who appreciate matured writing.

Author Name: Svabhavavadi

Book Title: Mona – The Rambunctious

Featured By: Criticspace

Publisher: Evincepub Publishing

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