Criticspace Journals: Welcome to Criticspace Journals, author. Congratulations on the release of your book. What responses are you getting from your readers? Please share your experience with this book.

Author:  Some of the readers said “ The story is short, yet it convey a deep meaning” , while other said, “ The story is very well narrated with all the suspense, thriller, horror with happiness that comes running at the end”.


Criticspace Journals: What encourages you to become an Author?

Author: My imagination, encourages me to write down. My imagination is the key to my stories. I often imagine a lot of things, which gives an origin to a new story. ‘Mona Lisa’ is also a part of my imagination that once came in my dream.


Criticspace Journals: What are your favorite topics of writing? Please tell us something about your interest areas in the literature.

Author: My favorite topics of writing are horror and romance. These two are my favorite and the strongest point in my stories.


Criticspace Journals: We were hoping you could tell us about some of those writers who had inspired you and whom you follow!

Author: L.J Smith, Stephanie Meyer and Ruskin Bond are my inspiration. Their way of narrating stories , inspired me from the very first.


Criticspace Journals: The titles seem different and catchy; how you decided it? Please let us know the story behind it.

Author: I kept the title ‘ Mona Lisa’ , after writing the whole story. Keeping in mind the whole story, I found that the main character, that is the doll, makes the story complete and attractive. So I named it ,    ‘Mona Lisa’


Criticspace Journals: What are your achievements so far? Tell us something about your writing career.

Author:  My journal in writing has just started. And I have climbed up a level, to achieve the goal. It’s just the beginning, more is left to do.


Criticspace Journals: What is your current goal in writing a career? How do you see your future in writing?

Author: I see that my writing Carrer can be brighter in future, may be after I get my 2nd book published. It depends on the time , I will get.


Criticspace Journals: Are there any other books being worked by you? Please let us know about your future projects.

Author: I am currently working on a book , which is based on vampire and supernatural world. I have titled it‘ Good Vibes’ . It is a romantic fiction book, yet to be completed.


Criticspace Journals: How you see Indian writing in the 21st century? What changes do you see in the modern way of writing? Do you feel it has been changed by the time?

Author:  The writing pattern has very much changed in this modern world. People are writing more of thrilling, romantic books, as the youngsters of now a days  are interested in  reading these kind of books. I am also one of them, who likes to read these types of interesting books.


Criticspace Journals: How easy/ difficult it was for you to publish your book? What message would you like to give to budding authors?


Author:  It was easy to get my first book published with the help of such a supporting publishing company,  I got. ‘ Evincepub Publishing ‘ is highly recommendable,  for all the authors. My experience was great with them. I liked the way they worked and helped. 

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