8 Important Books of Author: Kiran Bedi

A well-known social activist and member of the Indian Police Service (IPS), Kiran Bedi has written various books that share her experiences, perceptions, and ideas. Here is a list of some of the noteworthy novels she has authored, in honour of her birthday today.

​‘It’s Always Possible: Transforming One of the Largest Prisons in the World’​

In this book, Bedi describes her life-changing experience working at Tihar Jail, one of India’s biggest and most notorious jails, as the Inspector General of jails. She tells tales about initiatives to improve the lives of prisoners as well as stories about rehabilitation programmes and jail reforms.

​​‘What Went Wrong?: Case Studies of Indian Police Reforms’

In this book, Bedi offers a startling perspective on the social and economic ills that have a negative impact on modern society in areas including household issues, women’s issues, police harassment, addiction, juvenile issues, and crime.

​​‘Uprising 2011: Indians Against Corruption’

This book, which Kiran Bedi and others co-authored, details the legendary anti-corruption movement in India spearheaded by activist Anna Hazare. Bedi discusses her role in the campaign and emphasises the value of transparency and citizen involvement in the battle against corruption.

‘Fearless Governance’

Kiran Bedi illuminates the unpleasant realities of government in this book. She presents an overview of responsible governance and provides insights into the finest practises of effective and accountable governance, drawing on her vast experience as a Lt. Governor and an officer in the Indian Police Service.

‘Creating Leadership’​

This book is an illustrated collection that spans 35 years of Kiran Bedi’s police career and details 25 noteworthy incidents. The emphasis of the book is on the priceless leadership insights gained from each encounter.

 ‘Empowering Women… As I See’

Kiran Bedi offers insightful viewpoints on matters affecting women and offers a range of creative suggestions for the functions of the state, leaders, society, and individuals. Bedi offers insightful explanations of the difficulties experienced by women and makes provocative recommendations for the steps that should be addressed.

​‘Dare to Do! for the New Generation’​​

In this book, Kiran Bedi’s incredible real-life journey is revealed. It provides a broad perspective on Kiran’s life, showing how she bravely took on and conquered difficulties in her personal life, professional endeavours, and political career.

‘Be the Change: Fighting Corruption’

This engaging book explores the essential subject of battling corruption. Bedi gives helpful advice and tactics for individuals and society as a whole to help in the battle against corruption, drawing on her vast experience as a former IPS officer and well-known social activist.

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