Best Indian Classics Books Written in English: A List of Must-Read Novels by Indian Authors (2021)

Table of Contents (Click on an genre to navigate to the particular section) Indian Classics Literary Fictions from Indian Authors Books are the best laudable magic one can ever bargain for. They take us to a world unseen, amidst the people never met; let us unleash the benediction of love and hope, kindle our spirit […]

Book Review | The Rhythm To Soar |Steffy Terrance

Poetry is the play of right words with some of the most in-describable emotions, while poets are those players who plays with the beautiful words and makes way to compose these heart touching and soulful poems for us! Reviewing this beautiful Poetry-Collection book, “The Rhythm To Soar” by Author-Poet Steffy Terrance has been an extremely […]

Exclusive interview with Author Reema Nakra | Criticspace

Author’s Background: The Founder of Delhi-based Talent Search Management Consulting, Reema Nakra, is credited with a wealth of experience in serving various corporates, business houses and top professionals in the staffing industry. She is leading staffing expert with a rich history of connecting top skilled people with rewarding job opportunities and exclusive focus on supporting […]

An Interview with Author Nihara Hareesh | Criticspace

Nihara Hareesh is many things- a lifestyle blogger, A TEDx speaker, an entrepreneur, a singer, film-maker and an avid traveler.Originally from Kerala, India, she currently resides in Dubai. She graduated from Amity University Haryana in journalism and from New York Film Academy in Hi-Def Filmmaking.She started her own lifestyle website ‘Lifestyle Glossary’ back in 2015. Since then […]

Book Review | Within Four Walls of the Mind by Smita Naik Salunke | Criticspace Literary Journal

No doubt as the preface to Within Four Walls of the Mind mentions that coronavirus is the buzzword these days, but to write about a new microscopic being creating ruckus around the world becomes more challenging when little can be ascertained about it while it mutates rapidly into lethal strains. Acknowledging the change in lifestyle […]

Book Review | Lovestruck: The Story of Raj and Riya” by Pratyush Madhav | Criticspace Journals

Love is the most powerful emotion that human beings experience in their lives. The fact that life is unpredictable and every day happens once in a lifetime motivate every person to do their best to live in the moment they are so that their life is less about regrets and more about memories that they […]

Book Review | Love Knots |Author Tirtho Banerjee | Criticspace Journal

When poetry takes the garb of real, the product that is the result is far more closer to reality than the words of fiction. The poet Tirtho Banerjee creates this realistic product in his third title, “Love Knots.” After his earlier collections, “Beyond Words and Between Lines” and “Cityscape,” the title “Love Knots” would seem […]

Author Story Article Release

Hello author, on behalf of all the readers, we would like to discuss something about you and of course, your book literature career as well.  This conversation will help the reader to know more about you and your interest in this literature worlds. Please give answers in brief. Most welcome to Criticspace Journals, Author. We […]

An Interview with Harsimran Kaur at Criticspace Journals

Welcome to Criticspace Journals, Harsimran. First of all, I would like to know how and when you actually started writing? We all are excited to know about it. Harsimran Kaur: I express my gratitude towards Criticspace Journals for allowing me to speak about my endeavors. I’m very honored, and I surely appreciate such warmth. I […]

Interview with Dr. Vipin Gupta – Criticspace Journals

Today we welcome Dr. Vipin Gupta with his book, What Is Para Consciousness. Let’s have a quick chat about his book, his journey as a management guru and a writer. Congratulations Dr. Vipin Gupta. Our readers would like to know about your book, What Is Para Consciousness. The book, What is Para Consciousness, is about […]