Book Review | Miracles Through My Eyes | Criticpsace

“Yes miracles do happen in life, all you need to do is to trust the process and keep your belief firm, no matter whatever the situation serves you with!” The book, “Miracles Through My Eyes” by Author Dinesh Sahay is the second book of the Author, which I’m reviewing and I’m really thrilled to read another book […]

Interview with Abhishek Goswami

Abhishek Goswami works with an MNC in Gurgaon and is a writer by interest. He is a post-graduate in business administration, PMP and Lean certified and a graduate in Science from Delhi University. In his spare time, he likes to read classic mysteries, historical/mythological fiction and follows cricket and music with passion. The Lonely Drummer and […]

Book Review “Footprints” Criticspace

As the hindi collection of poetry, titled “Chand Ehsas”, Nisha Tandon’s English poetry collection, “Footprints” is an equally refreshing fine work in poetry writing. Everytime she writes a poem, she has something more to say. Sometimes her poems on nature remind of William Wordsworth but still emerges to be different and sometimes reminds of strong […]

Interview with Nisha Tandon

About the Author: Nisha Tandon, a bilingual poetess from Dubai has marked her name in poetry with her soulful poetry. An entrepreneur by profession, Nisha Tandon has used her life experience in a well-articulated and rhythmic tone in her poetries. Starting her poetic journey with her first poetry collection, Footprints; she has come a long way in her […]

Book review | Lute of the Nightingale | Criticspace

Like a true blend of ancient and modern writing, Khosrul Hossain’s “Lute of the Nightingale” is one powerful piece of the talented writer’s ability to write fiction. The length of the work may be less, yet the depth it creates and the lively characters that appear show the strong influences of Rabindranath Tagore and Sir Bankim Chandra […]

Book Review | Chand Ehsas | Criticspace

In the world where prose is advancing rapidly and poetry seems to be somewhere lagging behind, “Chand Ehsas” is a breath of fresh air with fresh new thoughts. Nisha Tandon’s “Chand Ehsas” is a poetic record of the poet’s experiences with the passing of the years of her life. In her collection of 101 poems, […]

Book Review | The Seed Who Got His Farmer | Criticspace

Addictions and other such bad habits may seem like the solution sometimes; however, this may lead to the worst lifestyle which gives way to damages that are beyond any repair. The right advice can change such a person’s life. However, it is upon us to decide and put in efforts to change ourselves to live […]

Book Review : SOUVENIR EMPEROR | Criticspace

Souvenir Emperor, a book by the author who goes by the penname ACEFLIPPER91, is a book based on the ultimate realities of life that one can never do away with. It is a book by the people and more importantly, for the people.  His book majorly talks about the harsh realities of life and makes […]

Book Review | Eccentric Orbits: Poems Without Boundaries

“It’s really lovely to see how poetry is coming back into the limelight and how wonderfully the poets are expressing themselves with their words!” The very title of this Book, tells a lot about the poems in the book, these poems are indeed unconventional that too without any boundaries and comprises of a various theme, […]

Book Review | Lucifer’s Own Heart

‘Lucifer’s Own Heart’, is an  imaginative, yet realistic, dark book, which explores the innate depravity in the hearts of men. Aceflipper91’s Lucifer’s Own Heart, lays bare the depravity of the human heart as everyday men make bargains with the devil to obtain their desires. Composed of a series of vignettes, the book is united both by […]