Book Review | The Paradoxical Pin | Criticspace

The book “The Paradoxical Pin” is a thriller by author Girish Sai. The plot revolves around a teenage boy who goes by the name Chirag. Born to a famous gastroenterologist Dr. Ashwin who mostly stays away from home attending conferences and conducting workshops, he lost his mother who hanged herself from the ceiling fan of […]

An Interview with Nalini Dhiman

Author’s Background: Nalini is currently a sixteen-year old student living in India. She delved into poetry when she was fourteen, in 2017. Poetry started out as a method to vent, then an additional hobby and finally her passion, a source of happiness for her. She discovered her interest in writing after creating her blog Soberly […]

The Labyrinth of Clouds | Book Review | Criticpsace

The way some of the young poets are coming out, these days to express themselves with their well ‘Versed-Words’ is something really incredible and this playing a pivotal role in the revival of ‘Poetry’ as the focus is shifting back to Poetry once again! India has some of the best poets and the next generation […]