“Good scores might make you everyone’s favourite, but having exceptional management skills will make you recruiter’s favourite!”

The book, “What Won’t Get You Your Dream Job” by Author Roopesh Tiwari could be described as a Set of Guide serving as “Saviour for all the Job-Seekers” who are looking out for their dream jobs but, are facing set-backs in their pursuits. The book throws light upon those areas on which the focus is need to be placed in order to build the right professional career. The Author felt the pain of the readers and had been kind enough to provide his experience to us in probably the best possible manner.

The Author, Roopesh Tiwari is a qualified Human Resource Professional and a thorough HR practitioner. In the last two decades, he received opportunities to work in various fields of human resources, especially recruitment and selection. Roopesh was educated in some of the best academic institutions in India. He completed his schooling at Mahanagar Boys Inter College, Lucknow. He graduated with an Honours in Science from Lucknow University and completed his post-graduation in Human Resource Management at Lucknow University. His 20 years of experience spans across industries and academics. Starting with pharmaceuticals back in 1997 as Executive to the Head of HR in large manufacturing organisations, Roopesh has worked in industries like finance, software and government sector undertakings. His vast experience has helped him develop a deep understanding of the corporate world and the nuances related to various HR issues.

He has simple yet impactful approach to break the ice between the job seekers and the recruiters. In this book, “What Won’t Give You Your Dream Job” he has very well summarised his knowledge and experience in 32 Reading Worthy Chapters. The theme of this book has been set right primarily for the management undergraduates.

Specifically, in the “8th Chapter” of this Book, The Recruitment and Marketing Connection the Author has shared some great essentials for the Job-Seeking Candidates to keep in mind, while appearing for the Corporate Interviews. Also, the Author talks about how the relative factors of marketing, which could affect your fate of selection in these big interviews by Giant Organizations. As stated in the book, recruiters are conventionally lazy and could select anyone who can make their work easy and that’s the point, when a candidate can make bonus points by creating a false demand (possessing exceptional skills), better packaging (mentioning the similar words as mentioned in the Job description) or sometimes even discounts can also work, all it requires from the Job-Seeking Candidate to play with right words. A candidate can make a great amount of difference by mentioning Technical Jargons in their CV that recruiters find it easy to identify with their skills. As Marketing is all about solving the customer’s problems, and here, when one is supposed to sell himself/herself, so one should make sure that their acts are solving the recruiter’s problem. Thus, if you have done your homework of learning about the Company and understanding the Job Role, which is expected from you and if know to market yourself well, there are relative high chances of your selection!

In a very step by step, gradual manner the author focusses on all the significant aspects of recruitment and selection process. Right from Resume Building till the candidate gets the Offer Letter, he shares top notch tactics to win the recruiter’s heart. All the stages of Interview Process have been precisely explained to break the “Hard to Understand Mentality” of the HR Professionals.

If you are confused whether one should hit the work floor or pursue further studies this is the right book for you, which will assist and guide you to take an Effective and Rational Decision. Since the author has not only shared the Interview Hacks but has also interlinked the two majors of the Masters in Business Administration under one niche.

If you have been not advised properly, about how your actions could affect the recruiter’s decision, then here you can easily find all those Dos & DON’Ts which you need to take care of in order to seek your Dream Job. Hence, the author has much appropriately justified the Book Title by giving the readers the “Power to Choose” in their pursuit of Carrier Building. The book has become the personal favourite of the job-seekers.

And, if you are not able to Crack the Interviews with Big Corporate Giants, this book has all the right mix for you, happy reading! The link to purchase the book has been mentioned below, go make a right shopping to build your career


Author Name: Roopesh Tiwari
Book Title: What Won’t Get You Your Dream Job
Publisher: Notion Press (2019)
Review By: Neel Preet

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