Criticspace: Welcome to Criticspace Journals, Manisha. First of all, I would like to know how and when you actually started writing? We all are excited to know about it.

Manisha Yadava:I think I was born a writer. I discovered this talent in 9th standard.

Criticspace:  How did you decide about the title of this book, Mere Khayal?

Manisha Yadava:I felt if I’m writing my thoughts I should name my page(and later my book) that. I gave the name in Hindi as I was writing poems in Hindi and I also gave it a sense of personalisation. 

Criticspace:  What do you feel is the best time to write Hindi Poems? When do you find yourself comfortable to write poetries?

Manisha Yadava:I don’t have a specific time to write.when I feel emotional I feel the urge to write something immediately. 

Criticspace: So far you have been receiving good response from the readers. How does it feels to you when you get such appreciations?

Manisha Yadava: It encourages me to write even more and it makes me happy. 

Criticspace: Please let us know about your journey of writing so far. Like many other poets, do you also feel that poetry matures with the development of time?

Manisha Yadava: So far I can say my thoughts have grown a lot and are growing everyday. Yes, it is true that poetry matures with the development of time.

Criticspace:  The readers might be interested to know about your taste in literature. What kind of books do you like? Apart from poetries, do you also like to write fictions or motivational books?

Manisha Yadava: I like to read non-fiction literature.Yes, I like to write fictional and motivational stories as well. 

Criticspace:  How you look Indian way of writing in the 20s century? Do you feel it has been changed by the time? What changes do you see in the modern way of writing?

Manisha Yadava: Indian writing was all about difficult words and difficult meanings in the 20th century but with time literature simplified and got more graspable. Now we focus more on getting our story Conveyed rather easily. 

Criticspace:   Tell us about other interest areas of yours? Apart from writing, what do you like the most?

Manisha Yadava:I am a healer, I like to help people, I like to sing ,dance and meditate. I like to meet new people. 

Criticspace:   We will surely look forward to your next poetry collection. Are you working on the next projects as well? Please tell readers about the same.

Manisha Yadava: My next book is coming this year in February. 

Criticspace: Many writers and readers may come across this interview. What advice would you like to offer to them who are new to poetry writing? It will be helpful for them,

Manisha Yadava: I will advise them to follow their heart and never to loose hope. 

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview. 

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