What Won’t Give You Your Dream Job | Book Review | Criticpsace

“Good scores might make you everyone’s favourite, but having exceptional management skills will make you recruiter’s favourite!” The book, “What Won’t Get You Your Dream Job” by Author Roopesh Tiwari could be described as a Set of Guide serving as “Saviour for all the Job-Seekers” who are looking out for their dream jobs but, are […]

ZERO: Dream. Football. Alfresco | Book Review | Criticspace

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” This book, “ZERO: Dream. Football. Alfresco” by Author Rubayta Umeed can most certainly be regarded as a great Inspirational Fictional Plot. The story has been set with […]

BABIE: The Beings Of Light | Book Review | Criticspace

“The woods seem lively and leaves more green, The sun ready for another stage, leaving the scene,”  The birds in exuberance, hurrying to their nesting.  The man tends himself to lay on the velvet green lurking.  Overview: I have been a very good reader of poetry but certainly did not get to read anything like […]

The Call Of Bliss: Stories Of Transition | Book Review | Criticspace

Six blissful short stories written by ‘Soham Mukherjee’ presents a world of fantasy, hopes, opportunities and life beyond the horizon. Master of words, the author has brilliantly used his great sense of narration to his advantage. It can be completely admired as the most appealing aspect of the book. Every line, every word calls out […]

Role of Women in Curative Care | Book Review | Criticspace

‘Authors, including doctors and others who cared for the sick as well as those who were aiding their near and dear ones, have written to show their appreciation of and gratitude to these countless selfless women’. Let’s start with the blurb of the book: ‘This book reflects the Editor’s realization of the extent to which […]

Rhythm of Spiritual Beats | Book Review | Criticspace

Spirituality plays a very sequential role in everybody’s life. First of all, theology helps us to govern what is right and what is wrong. Many of the decisions that we make in our everyday life are believed to be a direct result of our spirituality. For as long as we could keep in mind that […]

Time: Let’s Value It: Every Night We Die | Book Review | Criticspace

The book entitled ‘Time: Let’s Value it: Every night we die’ by the author Mukesh Kumar Badgaiyan is a book which contains practicality, philosophy and reality about time and life. The title is enough to tell you about the book that it is in some different genre which is of self-help. Book cover: In the […]

#Mylifeline-II | Book Review | Criticspace

So as I told you in my previous review that I will come up with the review of the sequel of the book ‘#MyLifeline’, here is my review of ‘#MyLifeline-II’ by Roller-Coaster Nightmare. The author got this book published almost after one year of his first publication and the readers were already very much excited […]

An Unmatched Couple’s Misfit Relationship | Book Review | Criticspace

BLURB: All the time she hoped and dreamt of a better tomorrow in her life in a span of six years. Her experiences are both good and bad; the man, the mind and the moral … where, repeatedly she failed, woke up and then moved on. Paayesha, solely grows with the time, experiences multiple affairs, […]

Journey To Atlantis | Book Review | Criticpsace

I had reviewed her first book and now I got the chance to review ‘Journey to Atlantis’ her latest work. The book ‘Journey to Atlantis’ is an adventure novel written published in the year 2018. She made her debut in the world of writing with the book ‘Watson and Alice’. She has set writing at […]